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Establishing a consistent approach to lead and prospect follow-up is essential to achieving top sales results. Lasso's Sales Process
feature helps Sales Reps consistently follow up with their prospects by alerting them to sales activities that need to be completed
based on certain criteria - online registrations for example. The Sales Process is set up with triggers that automatically notify the
reps to perform required activities such as phone calls or emails depending on the trigger type.
Triggers can be based on various items or events within Lasso, including:
Registration Date
Registrant Source Type
Registrant Secondary Source Type
Registrant Rating
Registrant History
Registrant Follow-up Process
Registrant Becomes Purchaser
The Sales Process set-up can be very simple or complex depending on your needs. Following are two typical examples of how to use
the Sales Process feature in Lasso - one is for Online Registrations and the other is for Walk In Registrations. Both examples involve
a straightforward set-up of a follow-up email immediately upon registration and then a follow-up phone call a number of days later.
To access Sales Process:
1. Go to the Project Administration Center .
2. Click on Project Setup and select Sales Process.
Note: You must have a Project Administrator Role and the Sales Process Permission to access the Sales Process feature in the Project
Administration Center.
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To add a new Sales Process:
1. On the Sales Process page, under the Add Process panel on the right, you will see blank fields where you can begin to enter
your new Sales Process. If the fields on the right are not blank, click on Add Process on the left side of the page under Sales
The following is a standard Sales Process for prospects who register on the project website. With the Source Type of Online
Registration as the trigger, two notifications are sent to the assigned Sales Rep - the first to email the new Online Registrant as soon
as they register and then another seven days later to follow up with a phone call.
To set up a Sales Process with Online Registration as the trigger:
2. In the Add Sales Process panel, give the Sales Process a Name such as Online Registrations.
3. In the Registrant Status field, select Normal. This field is applicable only if you are using Lasso's Inventory Center wherein
Normal means the Registrant is not associated to a Unit of Inventory.
4. In the Trigger Type field, select Registrant Source Type.
5. In the Source field, select Online Registration.
6. Check the On Insert box to activate the trigger on initial registration. Checking the On Update box will activate the trigger if
the Source Type is changed to Online Registration.
7. Add a short description of the Sales Process in the Notes field.
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8. In the Activity 1 section, leave the Delay By (days) field at 0. This will prompt the trigger as soon as someone registers
9. In the Activity Type field, select Email. This will bring up an Email Template field.
10. In the Email Template field, select the email template that is to be sent.
11. Enter an appropriate description of the follow-up activity in the Notes section.
12. Click on Add Activity at the top of the Add Process panel. This will bring up an Activity 2 section.
13. In the Activity 2 section, select or enter 1 in the Delay By (days) field.
14. In the Activity Type field, select Phone Call.
15. Enter an appropriate description of the follow-up activity in the Notes section.
16. Click Save.
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