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Scale Drawing Project - scale drawing project 7th grade

Scale Drawing Project -scale drawing project 7th grade

Name _______________
Scale Drawing
Chapter 9 Project
This project will be done at home. For this project, each student will
work on their own, no partners or groups. There are two parts to this project,
and you are required to do BOTH of them. This project is worth 25 points. A
grading rubric is attached to this paper. You must grade your own project under
the `self column' of the rubric, and turn this in with your project.
Part 1:
You are going to make a scale drawing of your room. You will measure
the dimensions of your room in your house, and the dimensions of at least 3
objects in the room. You will then pick a reasonable scale and draw an aerial
view sketch of your room (like blueprints). These pictures are going up in the
classroom, so you may want to color them or make them look nice.
Graph paper can be helpful in the making of the drawings, but your final
picture may not be on graph paper. If you do your picture on graph paper, you
must trace it on to plain white paper. Your picture must include your room, at
least 3 objects, and the scale factor you used.
On a separate sheet of paper, you must include the work you did to make
your drawing. This paper must show the real dimensions of everything you
have drawn, and how you found the scale dimensions for each object. On this
sheet you also must explain, how did you pick your scale factor?
Part 2:
The second part of this project is the reflection. For the reflection, answer
all the following questions completely and thoroughly:
Which part of this project was the easiest for me, and why?
Which part was the most challenging for me and why?
Why did you pick the objects that you did for your drawing.
Why might you want to make a scale drawing of your room?
Where might scale drawings be used in real life?
What did I like most about this project.
If I had to do this project again, what would I do differently?
If I were making this project, what would I change?
Grading Rubric
Scale Drawing
Chapter 9 Project
Possible Points Self Teacher
Scale Drawing
Includes at
least 3 items 10 ________ _______
Good scale
correctly used
The separate
All work
All work is 10 ________ ________
All work is
for scale factor
5 ________ ________
Total 25 ________ ________

What is a Grade 7 scale drawing? The scale drawings produced in Grade 7 focus on creating a scale drawing from a two-dimensional picture. Teachers can also post alternate images of choice on a projector or interactive whiteboard