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The Health Protective Effects of Aged Garlic Extract F - side effects of garlic

The Health Protective Effects of Aged Garlic Extract F-side effects of garlic

The Health Protective Effects of
Aged Garlic Extract
by Carmia Borek, Ph.D.
or over thousands of years circulation and immunity. In preclinical
garlic has been used and even studies, AGE has been shown to prevent
worshiped as a healing and many kinds of cancer and neurodegen-
invigorating herb. The benefits rative disease. It also shows antiaging
effects of garlic in helping to effects in improving memory, endurance
Fprevent disease are mostly due to its high and learning. New studies also show that
content of sulfur containing compounds ACE may have a role in cancertherapy. The
and antioxidant activity. Fresh garlic, unique characteristics of AGE, along with
however, can cause indigestion, and its its safety and its scientifically proven health
pungent odor, long remains on the breath benefits, are discussed in this article.
and skin as a social deterrent. These
unpleasant effects of fresh garlic are due The Making and Content of AGE
to allicin, an oxidant that is released Aged garlic extract provides the health ben-
when a clove is cut or chewed. Sci- efits of fresh garlic, sometimes even more
entific studies show, however, that so, without the unpleasant side effects of
garlic does not have to be fresh to be the fresh bulb. ACE is a highly stan-
effective, nor is its smell required for its dardized product. Made
health benefits. by extracting and aging
organic fresh
Aged Garlic Extract (AGE) garlic
An alternate source of garlic that is odor-
less and richer in antioxidant than the fresh
bulb is the dietary supplement Aged Garlic
Extract (Kyolic}, manufactured by
the Wakunaga Company. Aged
garlic extract (ACE) is a concen-
trated form of organic garlic that
has been shown in over 400 sci-
entific research reports to be safe
and effective in providing health
benefits. In humans, ACE was
found to reduce multiple car-
diovascular risk factors, lower
cholesterol, lower blood pres-
sure, reduce homocysteine,
prevent atherosclerosis in
coronary arteries by 50 per-
cent, and to cut the risk of
heart attacks and increase
room temperature for 20 months. This risk of heart disease and stroke. Clinical
process increases the levels of beneficial studies show that AGE and S-allyl cys-
antioxidants, to well above those of fresh teine can help reduce the risk. A daily AGE
garlic, and it converts unstable and harsh dose of 2,4-4.8 gm, over the course of 6
compounds, such as allicin, to stable months, reduced total cholesterol by 5 to
health-promoting substances. AGE con- 7 percent, lowered LDL, triglycerides and
tains mostly stable water-soluble organo- blood pressure, prevented clot-promoting
sulfur compounds, that are powerful anti- platelet aggregation, and increased HDL,
oxidants and are mainly responsible for the good cholesterol.
AGE'S health benefits. They include S-allyl AGE lowers cholesterol in a similar way
mercaptocysteine, (unique to AGE) and to the cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.
S-allyl cysteine, which has a 98 percent When statins are combined with AGE, the
absorption rate into the blood circula- suppression of cholesterol synthesis is
tion (high bioavailability) and is used to additive. AGE, alone, may serve as a safe
standardize ACE, Also present are some oil and effective cholesterol-lowering nutrient
soluble organosulfur compounds, flavo- without the effects offatigue and muscle pain
noids, a phenol allixin and other beneficial that some people on statin treatment feel.
nutrients, including selenium.
Homocysteine Reducer
Antioxidant Protection by AGE High blood levels of homocysteine, caused
Damage to cellular molecules, including mainly by a deficiency in B vitamins and
DNA, lipids and proteins, by unstable free folic acid, increases the risks of heart
radicals (ROS), leads to disease and aging. disease, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, and
ROS are produced in normal metabolism. cancer. AGE added to the diet, in preclinical
They increase and can overload the body studies lowered homocysteine, in folate
during infection, inflammation and exer- deficiency, helping prevent the conse-
cise, and when the body is over exposed quences of high homocysteine.
to sunlight, radiation, smoking, and some
medications. The result is oxidative stress Protecting The Arteries and Heart
that plays a role in arthritis, atheroscle- At a recent conference on the benefits of
rosis, heart disease, stroke, AIDS, cancer, garlic in preventing and treating cardiovas-
aging, dementia, Alzheimer's disease (its cular disease and caner (www,2oo5garlic
most common form), and other neurode- symposium.com), Matthew Budoff, M,D,,
4 genrative conditions. FACC of the UCLA School of Medicine
AGE is richer in antioxidants than other showed that AGE cuts the heart risk fac-
commercial garlic preparations as well as tors by more than 67 percent in patients
fresh garlic, and it boosts cellular antioxi- suffering from heart disease. The year-
dants, including glutathione, which helps long, double-blind placebo-controlled
maintain a healthy immune system and study used electron beam tomography
prevents drug toxicity. to non-invasively quantitate and track
atherosclerotic plaques formation in the
Cardiovascular Protection coronary arteries. The findings showed
AGE Lowers Cholesterol and Blood Pressure a 22.2 percent plaque progression in
High LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) patients on placebo, while patients on
and triglycerides, high levels of homocys- AGE (12OO mg/day) showed a 7,5 percent
teine and high blood pressure increase the plaque progression. The patients on AGE
(but not placebo) showed, a decrease in that fight infections and life-threatening
homocysteine levels and an increase in diseases, such as cancer. A strong immune
protective HDL cholesterol. system defends against bacteria, viruses and
The UCLA study adds to the body of data fungal diseases. When immunity is dam-
showing that ACE reduces multiple risk fac- aged, as in the case of AIDS, or due to poor
tors associated with heart disease. These diet, stress, environmental pollution, dis-
include an anticlotting effect, stimulation ease, and aging, the body is at loss to fight
of blood circulation in capillaries, and anti- off infectious organisms. ACE stimulates
inflammatory effects by inhibiting prosta- immunity and helps combat infection.
glandin synthesis, protecting arteries from
inflammation that accelerates clot forma- Antiviral, Anticancer
tion, and, as seen above, reducing of LDL, Preclinical studies show that ACE prevents
triglycerides and blood pressure. influenza virus infection and is as effec-
Its striking results in coronary artery tive as a vaccine treatment. ACE improves
protection by ACE in people with heart immunity in AIDS patients by increasing
disease, are good news for those at high the activity of natural killer cells (NK) that5
risk for heart attacks. ACE can safely be kill invading organisms and cancer cells,
added to other treatments, such as statins, stimulating the number and activity of
increasing efficacy and potentially helping many types of immune cells (lymphocyte,
to postpone the need for cardiac surgery. macrophages}, and boosting their anti-
For healthy people, AGE adding to the diet cancer activity.
may serve as a health strategy, helping to In a clinical study, subjects given i8oo
prevent atherosclerosis and to maintain a mg of AGE/day for three weeks, showed a
healthy heart. 155.5 percent increase in NK cell activity, while
those receiving 35 grams of fresh garlic/day
A Booster of Immunity (equivalent to 10 cloves) had only a 139.9
The immune system consists of many percent increase, indicating the superior
types of cells and protective substances immune-enhancing benefits of AGE. In

What are the negative effects of garlic? The Negative Side Effects Of Garlic Garlic can cause a bad odor. When garlic is eaten or applied to the skin, it can cause a distinctly bad taste in your mouth and bad breath. Too much garlic can damage the liver. Garlic can cause liver toxicity and in some cases, it could even lead to liver cancer. ... Indigestion and diarrhea. ... Garlic aggravates vaginal yeast infection. ...