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Data Acquisition Companion Software
? Out-of-the-box data acquisition
companion software for
supported MCC DAQ devices
? Easy-to-use drag-and-drop
? Supports multiple devices for
concurrent data input and
output applications
? Acquire and log virtually
unlimited samples from
analog, digital, and counter
input channels
? View up to 1 million samples
per channel on displays
? Data logged to Technical
Data Management Streaming
(TDMS) files
Overview ? Generate signals from analog,
DAQamiTM provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that makes logging data digital, and counter/timer
and generating signals a quick and simple task. output channels
Users can take advantage of DAQami's short learning curve to become familiar ? Export acquired data to a .csv
with the capabilities of their DAQ device. Verifying signal connectivity and qual- file for use in Microsoft? Excel?
ity is a snap with DAQami. or MATLAB?
DAQami is a perfect fit for interactive testing and data logging, and is ideal for ? Support for synchronous
DAQ applications that run for minutes or days. (composite) I/O operations2
? English, Chinese, and German
Viewing and Logging Selecting Devices language support
Data with DAQami Most USB, Bluetooth, and Ethernet MCC
With DAQami, users can include analog, DAQ devices are supported. Once a device Supported Operating Systems
digital, and counter/timer channels from is added to an acquisition, users can view ? Microsoft? Windows?
multiple devices in an acquisition. Con- device information and select differential 11/10/8/7/Vista? 32/64-bit
figurations can be saved to file for reuse or single-ended mode for devices that
and modification. support both analog input modes.
Once a configuration is complete, A software-based DEMO-BOARD is
DAQami can then acquire and log a included for evaluating DAQami without
virtually unlimited1 number of samples physical hardware.
to TDMS files. The TDMS file format is
used by many other applications, such as Configuring Analog
LabVIEWTM, and Excel? with the TDM Input Channels
plugin. DAQami can acquire both voltage and
If activated, output channels generate and temperature data.
update signals at the same time. On voltage channels, users can configure
Up to 1 million samples per channel can settings such as the channel mode, voltage
also be viewed on displays. When logging range, and voltage units.
data, changes to display settings can be
saved to the current TDMS file. On activated temperature channels, users
can configure options such as the ther-
mocouple type and temperature units.
1 The number of samples logged per channel depends 2 Only supported by USB-1808 Series and
on the storage space available on the host PC. USB-CTR Series devices.
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Configuring Channels and Viewing Data
Users can also create custom units based on a multiplier and Configuring Sample Rates and Triggers
offset (y = mx + b). The sample rates for all activated input channels on each device
can be configured in the Sample Rates tab. User can also enable
start and stop trigger conditions in the Triggers tab.
Users can select the measurement type for each activated analog Quickly configure sample rates for each device and input channel type
input channel on devices that support both voltage and temperature. in the Sample Rates tab.
Configuring Digital Channels
Users can set the direction of digital bits or ports if supported
by the device.
Configure start/stop triggers for all active channels in the Triggers tab.
Digital channels are activated and configured for input or output in
the Digital channels grid. Configuring Sample Rates on Composite I/O
Configuring Counter Input Channels
For devices that support synchronous analog, digital, and counter
Depending on the counter features available on the device, operations - also called composite operations4 - users can select
DAQami supports the following counter input modes: one of the following clock options:
? Events - Count high-speed pulse events. ? pace all activated input channels from all subsytems with
? Frequency3 - Measure the frequency of a counter input one hardware clock
signal. ? pace one subsystem with a hardware clock while all other
? Period2 - Measure the period of a counter input signal. subsystems are paced with a software clock
? Pulse Width2 - Measure the time from the rising edge to ? pace all subsystems with a software clock
the falling edge, or vice versa, of a counter input signal.
? Timing2 - Measure the time between an external event on Viewing Data on Displays
a counter input and the same counter gate. The following displays can be added to a DAQami acquisition
to plot analog/temperature, digital, and counter input data:
? Strip - Shows data points for each channel, and continu-
ously scrolls from right to left.
? Block - Shows a specified number, or block, of data points
for each channel.
? Scalar - Shows the numeric value of a data point, or the
value of a digital bit on an LED (on = high, off = low)
When a counter channel is activated, users can easily configure counter
settings in the Counter Input channels grid.
3 Currently only supported by USB-1808 Series and USB-CTR Series devices. 4 Only supported by USB-1808 Series and USB-CTR Series devices.
Measurement Computing (508) 946-5100 2 info@mccdaq.com mccdaq.com
Generating and Updating Output Channels
The following features are available on these displays:
? Scroll back and forth to review data as it is being acquired.
? Zoom in or zoom out on a specific section of displayed
? Add cursors to display and compare the values of two data
? Copy an image of the display for printing and for use in
other applications.
? Change the display background and other visual settings
on the display.
? On Strip and Block displays, users can select a range of
A Strip display continuously plotting analog data. data to export to a .csv file.
Generating and Updating Analog
DAQami can generate and update signals from activated analog
output channels.
Analog outputs for all supported AO devices can be updated dur-
ing an acquisition using a slider control on an Output display.
If the device supports hardware pacing, a waveform control is
also available. Users can select a sine, square, triangle, or saw-
tooth wave to output.
A Block display plotting blocks of analog data.
Users can configure analog output signals before and during an acqui-
sition using a slider control. If the device supports hardware-paced
AO, a waveform control is also available.
A Scalar display showing voltage, temperature, digital bit (as an Generating and Updating Digital
LED), and counter readings. Outputs
DAQami can generate and update signals from activated digital
output channels.
Users can update each digital output to high (On) or low (Off)
during an acquisition using a switch control on an Output display.
Use a switch control on an Output display to update the state of a
digital output to high or low.
Digital inputs can also be added to displays as a single port, with
settings for arranging LEDs, and for showing decimal or hexadecimal
Measurement Computing (508) 946-5100 3 info@mccdaq.com mccdaq.com

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