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Store Manager
Job Summary and Mission
This job contributes to Starbucks success by leading a team of store partners to create and
maintain the Starbucks Experience for our customers and partners. The store manager is
required to regularly and customarily exercise discretion in managing the overall operation
of the store. In particular, a majority of time is spent supervising and directing the
workforce, making staffing decisions (i.e., hiring, training, evaluating, disciplining,
discharging, staffing and scheduling), ensuring customer satisfaction and product quality,
managing the store's financial performance, and managing safety and security within the
store. The incumbent is responsible for modeling and acting in accordance with Starbucks
guiding principles.
Summary of Key Responsibilities
Responsibilities and essential job functions include but are not limited to the
Setting goals for the work group, developing organizational capability, and modeling how
we work together:
Demonstrates a calm demeanor during periods of high volume or unusual events and
manages smooth transitions thereafter to keep store operating to standard and to set a
positive example for the store team.
Displays a customer comes first attitude by training and holding partners accountable for
delivering legendary customer service.
Drives the implementation of company programs by developing action plans and directly
motivating and instructing the store team to implement them to meetoperational and
organizational objectives.
Manages with integrity, honesty and knowledge that promote the culture, values and
mission of Starbucks.
Plans, identifies, communicates, and delegates appropriate responsibilities and practices
to store partners to ensure smooth flow of operations.
Provides coaching and direction to the store team to take action and to achieve
operational goals. Constantly reviews store environment and key business indicators to
identify problems, concerns, and opportunities for improvement to provide coaching and
direction to the store team to achieve operational goals.
Planning and Execution
Developing strategic and operational plans for the work group, managing execution, and
measuring results:
- Monitors and manages store staffing levels to ensure partner development and talent
acquisition to achieve and maintain store operational requirements.
- Utilizes existing tools to identify and prioritize communications and regularly uses
discretion to filter communications to the store team. Communicates clearly, concisely
and accurately in order to ensure effective store operations.
Business Requirements
Providing functional expertise and executing functional responsibilities:
Ensures adherence to applicable wage and hour laws for nonexempt partners and
Solicits customer feedback to understand customer needs and the needs of the local
Uses all operational tools to plan for and achieve operational excellence in the store.
Tools include Automated Labor Scheduling, Monthly Status Report, Quarterly
Business Review, cash management and inventory management.
Uses discretion in accessing external resources to support store operations and to
execute district and regional initiatives. Resources include Partner Resources,
Marketing, Partner & Asset Protection, Food & Beverage, Coffee, and Retail
Implementation departments.
Utilizes management information tools and analyzes financial reports to identify and
address trends and issues in store performance.
Partner Development & Team Building
Providing partners with coaching, feedback, and developmental opportunities
and building effective teams:
Actively manages store partners by regularly conducting performance assessments,
providing feedback, and setting challenging goals to improve partner performance.
Manages ongoing partner performance using performance management tools to
support organizational objectives.
Challenges and inspires partners to achieve business results.
Challenges and inspires team members to achieve business results.
Develops and maintains positive relationships with partners in the district by
understanding and addressing individual motivation, needs and concerns.
Ensures partners adhere to legal and operational compliance requirements.
Ensures team members adhere to legal and operational compliance requirements.
Recognizes and reinforces individual and team accomplishments by using existing
organizational tools and programs as well as by finding new, creative and effective
methods of recognition.
Utilizes and demonstrates effective management principles and practices to create
and maintain a successful store team resulting in an environment where partners are
valued and respected.
Summary of Experience
Progressively responsible retail experience 3 years
Supervison 1 year
Customer service experience in a retail or restaurant environment 1 year
Experience analyzing financial reports
Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Demonstrated experience at building community relationships-
Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing
Fluency in Dutch is an advantage
Ability to manage store operations independently
Ability to manage effectively in a fast-paced environment
Ability to manage multiple situations simultaneously
Ability to manage resources to ensure that established service levels are
achieved at all times
Interpersonal skills
Knowledge of customer service techniques
Knowledge of supervisory practices and procedures
Organization and planning skills
Strong operational skills in a customer-service environment
Strong problem-solving skills
Team-building skills
Strong leadership skills, with the ability to coach and mentor others
Ability to plan and prioritize workload
Ability to handle confidential and sensitive information
Core Compentencies
Puts the customer first
Has a relentless focus on the customer. Understands what the customer wants and
how to best deliver the experience.
Works well with others
Listens and communicates well with others within and outside of Starbucks.
Creates a team environment that is positive and productive.
Leads courageously
Takes personal responsibility to do the right thing, and persists in times of challenge
or uncertainty. Adapts quickly to change and makes timely, thoughtful decisions.
Develops continuously
Continuously seek opportunities to improve self and others. Leads with trust,
honesty and commitment to hire, coach and develop partners to achieve their
Achieves results
Understands what drives overall business success and is accountable to prioritize
and deliver quality results. Demonstrates knowledge of core products and
processes to get results. Anticipates obstacles and takes action to prevent or
minimize their impact.

What is the salary of Starbucks CEO?The CEO of Starbucks received a total pay package of $20.4 million in the 2021 fiscal year, according to a new federal securities filing. That represents a 39% pay increase over the year before, when Johnson received total pay worth about $14.7 million. It’s a 6% increase over 2019, before the pandemic.