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?The Iliad Book 1: The Rage of Achilles Story SummaryPoem opens up with the first stanza focusing on the rage of Achilles at Agamemnon that causes the death of many souls because of pride.The Story Behind Achilles RageApollo’s priest, Chryses, feels spurned/rejected by Agamemnon.Chryses was coming to get his daughter, Chryseis, back who was taken in battle as a spoil of war. Being the most beautiful, Chryseis is given to Agamemnon who is the leading general.Agamemnon, who sacrificed his son to the Gods, threatens Chryses with death.Chryses prays to Apollo and the Greeks are beset by plague for nine days.The priest/oracle Calchas goes to Achilles for help and reveals what Agamemnon had done.Agamemnon now returns and he his furious. He claims that Calchas’ prophecies always bring him hardship. Finally, Agamemnon states that he will give Chryseis back even though he thinks very highly of her. He will do this because it is the best thing to do for all of the Greeks. He states that since he is willing to do this, the Greeks must find him a new prize. Achilles explains to Agamemnon that this is not possible because they have already plundered every area and there are no other prizes to be rewarded. He promises Agamemnon that in the future he will be paid back b asking Zeus to destroy Troy. Agamemnon fire back at Achilles and tells him that he does not have to stay. He says that he has plenty of other men to help him and he is attempting to break down Achilles self-esteem. He threatens Achilles by telling him that he will send his men on their way with Chryseis on board, but he will stay back and take Achilles prize, Briseis, from him. Achilles is really upset now. He refers to Agamemnon as a wine-bibber. (sack of wine) He’s having an internal conflict about what to do – should he kill Agamemnon or just chill out? His self-conscious nature makes him pull out his sword and as he does this, Athena (sent by Hera) comes down to talk some sense into Achilles. She tells him to put away his weapon and to use his words to threaten Agamemnon with what will happen in the future. Athena promises him that one day Achilles will have a huge amount of gifts and Agamemnon will be left with nothing, so he needs to put his rage aside. Achilles rails at Agamemnon and promises Agamemnon that Achilles will never fight again for the Greeks. Not until the Trojans have burned the Greek ships, Agamemnon returns Briseis, and acknowledges Achilles as being right.Agamemnon does not listen and orders the return of Chryseis and the abduction of Briseis from Achilles. Achilles convinces Thetis, he mother, to persuade Zeus to help the Trojans defeat the Greeks. Thetis asks Zeus to grant the Trojans victory and victory until the Greeks finally pay Achilles back for all of his hard work. I. Questions to Help Understand The Iliad: Book OneWhen did Homer live?What Trojan prince kidnaps Helen in the “Story Before the Story”?What does in medias res mean? Homer begins his epic poem with an invocation to whom?What physical handicap did Homer supposedly have?The Iliad is describing which famous war?Homer uses describing words for Achilles, such as “swift runner” and Athena as “grey-eyed goddess”. What is the epic convention called for these descriptive names?What is the theme of the Iliad? (Hint - it’s the first word in the story.)Which Greek king is Achilles fighting with in Book 1?Which immortal is punishing the Greeks at the beginning of the story?At the end of book 1, Achilles mother flies to Mt. Olympus to beg which god for help?When do historians believe the Trojan War took place? You must know whether it was in B.C. or A.D.Which Greek city-state is considered the birthplace of democracy?II. You need to know who the following people are and why they are important.1. Achilleus (Achilles)2. Agamemnon3. Chryseis4. Briseis5. Menelaos (Menelaus)6. Athena (Minerva)7. Chryses8. Kalchas (Calchas)9. Thetis10.ZeusIII. VocabularyCarrion (noun) - the decaying flesh of dead animals.Clamorous (Adj.) - making a loud and confused noise.Formidable (Adj.) - inspiring fear or respect through being impressively large, powerful, intense, or capable.Incensed (adj.) – very angry; enraged.Plunder (verb) – to rob by force in warfare.Sacrosanct (adj.) – very holy; sacred.Brazen (adj.) – literally, of brass; shamelessly bold.Harrowed (verb) – distressed; tormented.Bereft (adj.) – deprived or robbed.Hekatomb (noun) - Find it and be found worthy ------> Example in line 107: No failure in hekatombs or vows is held against us.

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