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Websites were valid as of: 8/4/04
Go to: www.rmni.org/urban/JobWebsites--local.asp to be able to click on (open) these sites without entering their addresses.


www.chattanoogahires.com/ This is probably the best site to check.

A site with many job search links: www.careers.org/reg/crusa-tn.html

The Chattanooga Times classifieds: www.timesfreepress.com/ Go to “Jobs” in classified section

The Chattanoogan.com Click on “General Classifieds” then click on “Help Wanted” section www.chattanoogan.com/classifieds/home.asp





Hamilton County job openings and online application: www.hamiltontn.gov/personnel/default.htm

Local to nationwide jobs: http://jobsearch.monster.com/


State of Tennessee: www.tennesseeanytime.org/tnjobs/ Here you can complete the TN Career Service Employment Application online.

The (Nashville) Tennessean: www.tennessean.com/jobsource/


Nationwide government jobs: www.govjobs.com/

National professional job search: www.executiveopenings.com/

For those with a degree: www.careercity.com/

Reconciliation ministries network 423-822-1091 jim Sutherland

Note: Please bring any major identification papers with you—Social Security, driver’s license and/or birth certificate, etc. Also, some companies with jobs test immediately for drugs.

Chattanooga Endeavors is a comprehensive program to assist ex-offenders and their families. After a 1-week job training program they assist in getting employment and provide services after employment. Call Floyd Davis for an appointment at 423-266-1888. 310 East 8th Street in the All Saints Academy building. www.chattanoogaendeavors.com

Jobs Partnership (a ministry of Hope for Chattanooga--Christian. This is a 12-week program to enhance job-getting skills and they assist in finding employment. The locations change according to the training cycle. Call 423-698-4733 to see about the current schedule. www.hope4.org/jobs.htm

Southeast Tennessee Career Center 1105 East 10th Street (Off Central Ave. at old Cavalier site). They list jobs and have a required job orientation meeting at 9 AM on Tuesday mornings. Some training is available. Hours are from 8:30 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday (Thursdays 10 AM to 5 PM) Call 894-5354. www.secareercenter.org/

Advantage Personnel Consultants—Experience with this company is very good so far.
If you don’t have transportation, they will try to locate a job on a bus route. Identification is needed, and at least proof that a Social Security card has been applied for, before any pay can be received. 5502 Brainerd Road (same side and near Arbys at the junction of Spring Creek Road, set back from the road) Chattanooga, TN 37411 499-9397

Southern Champion Tray Co. 756-5121. Check for openings, which normally are for third shift. They’re located just over the Olgiati Bridge on Hwy. 27 (220 Compress St). They want hard workers who come to work on time. This is a Christian-owned company, with a positive environment. Those with operating and mechanical skills are needed particularly. T.W. Francescon is director of Human Relations. Mention that Jim Sutherland brought this job to your attention. www.sctray.com/

Cleaning Solutions Bobby D. Wilson, 4706 Brainerd Road, Suite 101,

Prepared by Reconciliation ministries network 423-822-1091
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How do you obtain contractors license in Tennessee? No matter what contractor license you are applying for in Tennessee, you will need to: Disclose your business structure — Corporations, LLCs, and Limited/General Partnerships must register with the Tennessee Secretary of State. Pass the Tennessee Business and Law exam. ... Appoint a qualifying agent. ... Specify the classification of the license you are applying for. Provide a financial statement. More items...