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The Purpose Of Education - the true purpose of education

The Purpose Of Education

Consider elementary school, high school, and university. Decide the following:

The primary purpose of education is to . . .
The primary purpose of education should be to . . .

O to have fun O to become well-rounded O to make friends

O to learn job skills O to increase IQ O to meet boy/girl friends

O to learn social skills O to prepare for living O to become open-minded
O to prepare for tests in society O to become cultured
O to make connections O to learn how to learn O to learn how to research
O to develop your body O to develop artistic skills O __________________

As a group decide what the primary purpose(s) is/are or should be.
purpose is purpose should be

elementary school

high school


Your group has been appointed to the Ministry of Education. Your assignment is to make changes in the school system. How will you improve the quality of education? Are your changes fair? Are they efficient?

What are some of your best memories of high school? Worst? How about elementary school?

What are the general aims of Education? This is according to data collected by the LGBTQ and voting rights think tank Movement Advancement Project. Before the Florida law, the last couple of decades had actually seen the removal of several Don’t Say Gay laws, namely in North Carolina in 2006, Utah in 2017, Arizona in 2019, South Carolina in 2020 and Alabama in 2021.