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Option 1 Guide to your end of lease options - U.S. Bank - toyota end of lease process

Option 1 Guide to your end of lease options - U.S. Bank-toyota end of lease process

Normal wear and usage Your options Vehicle return steps
Purchase or trade the leased vehicle from U.S. Bank or 1. Contact us at 866.250.3147 to discuss return time
Interior return the leased vehicle to U.S. Bank. and location.
Stains: Removable spots/marks 2. H ave free inspection completed by the independent
Tears: Cuts, tears, and/or rips on floor mats inspection company.
Burns: On floor mats Option 1 3. Contact your dealership to make arrangements to drop
off the vehicle.
Exterior scratches and scuffs Purchase or trade the leased vehicle 4. Prior to retuning the vehicle, please make sure to Guide to your
- Scratches that do not break the paint that can be You may choose to purchase or trade your leased remove any items that may contain your personal end of lease options
buffed out during vehicle reconditioning vehicle. If you elect to purchase or trade the vehicle, information, such as receipts, registration, insurance
- Scratches that are 4" or less in length (maximum of excess wear and mileage charges will not apply. If you cards, GPS locations, etc.
three per panel) purchase the vehicle at the end of lease, the payoff 5. While we will cancel any recurring Automatic Payments We appreciate your business!
amount will be equal to the Purchase Option Price listed once we confirm the vehicle has been returned, you Thank you for choosing U.S. Bank for your automotive
Dents and dings on your lease contract, plus applicable taxes, fees, can expedite the process by contacting us at 800. lease needs. Your U.S. Bank lease will be maturing in
- Dents and/or dings that are 2" or less in diameter and any other outstanding amounts. This price is only USBANKS (872.2657). Please note that it takes three the next few months. Now is the time to begin thinking
(maximum of two per panel) available to you, the lessee. Plus, we may be able to business days to cancel scheduled payments. about your options and responsibilities at the end of
- Previous Repairs: Previous repairs to the vehicle help with the financing. Call 866.250.3147 for specific 6. U pon vehicle return, complete all end of term the lease. This guide is meant to help you through the
are acceptable as long as they meet industry quality pricing information and to apply for a loan today. If you paperwork. These documents can be obtained at the entire process.
standards and do not detract from the value of wish to use this vehicle as part of a trade on a new dealership or we can provide them at your request.
the vehicle vehicle, the dealer must call us at 866.250.3148 for Return by fax to 716.616.5764 or mail to:
pricing information. U.S. Bank
P.O. Box 068
Windshields cracked and chipped Buffalo, NY 14240-0068
- Two chips less than or equal to 1/4" in diameter, not in Option 2 7. Contact us at 866.250.3147 to notify us that the vehicle
the driver's line of sight has been returned. We may not consider the vehicle
Return the leased vehicle returned until you contact us and return the required
Tires and wheels At the end of your lease, you may return the vehicle to documents.
- Tire Tread depth 4/32" or greater the dealership. Please contact the dealership ahead of 8. A statement will be mailed after the return of the
- All tires must meet Original Equipment Manufacturer time to make arrangements to drop off the vehicle. Once vehicle that may include amounts still due on the lease
(OEM) size and rating (speed and seasonal) the arrangements have been made, please contact us at account, excess wear charges, excess mileage fees,
- Wheel scratches 3" or less per wheel (maximum of 866.250.3147 to let us know your intentions. termination fee, and other applicable taxes
two per wheel) and charges. Additional statements may be issued
after your lease is terminated if any charges such as
Note: Approximately 60 days prior to the end of your taxes, citations, etc. are received.
Mechanical/electrical maintenance lease, an independent inspection company will be
Vehicle should be maintained according to the contacting you to set up an appointment for a free Avoid added charges!
manufacturer's maintenance requirements vehicle inspection. This is offered to you free of charge Return all original accessories such as:
so you have the opportunity to review any damage - Keys/keyless entry remotes
Missing/broken parts you may be charged upon return of the vehicle. If - Navigation system DVDs
Vehicle should be returned with equipment and the inspection is not completed before the vehicle is - Headphones for DVD players
accessories that were in the vehicle at lease inception returned, subject to any appraisal rights you may have,
and must be in good working order we will conduct an inspection for excess wear and use - Remotes for DVD players
after the vehicle is returned. No one from the return - Cargo covers
location is authorized by us to conduct an inspection to - Owner's manual
determine excess wear and use under your lease. No - Charging Cables
statement, verbal or written, made by anyone from the
return location with regard to the condition of the vehicle
will be binding or may be relied upon for any purpose. Member FDIC. ?2019 U.S. Bank 198303c 5/19
tread depth gauge = 4/32 inch
Excess mileage and wear Excess wear and use
Interior Tires and wheels
Stains: Cannot be removed and require the interior - Tread depths less than 4/32"
Your allowable mileage was determined at the beginning section to be replaced - Tires that do not meet the Original Equipment
of the lease. Excess mileage will be charged a per-mile Tears: Cuts, tears, and/or rips on carpet, upholstery Manufacturer (OEM) size and/or rating (speed
fee in accordance with your lease agreement. or interior and seasonal)
Burns: On carpet, upholstery or interior sections - Mismatched tires (other than brand)
Power Equipment: Non-operational, malfunctioning - Dry rot, cupped, cut, or sidewall plugs
equipment or missing equipment
- Any bent or broken part, missing, or corroded
U.S. Bank offers a free inspection to help you understand wheel covers
what damage you may be charged for at the end of your Exterior scratches and scuffs
lease. Normal wear can include a few small door dings, - Scratches that are more than 4" in length - Mismatched wheels
chips or scratches. Excess wear may include items - Four or more scratches of any length - Three or more scratches, gouges, or dents per wheel
such as dents, cracks in glass, torn upholstery or poor - Any number of scratches more than 3" in length
quality repairs. Windshields cracked, chipped
- Three or more chips less than or equal to 1/4" in Mechanical/electrical
Avoid the charges diameter - Missing, non-operational, or malfunctioning
If you have the inspection completed prior to the end of
- Any chips, cracks, or scratches (not buffable) greater equipment
than 1/4" in diameter - Replacement part(s) that do not meet the
your lease, you may have time to repair the damages and manufacturer's specifications
avoid the charges. The repairs should be completed by Tires - Any chips, cracks, or scratches in the driver's line
an auto body shop or mechanic's shop. If you choose Tire tread must be 4/32" or greater. of sight - Substandard repairs
to have this done, please keep your receipts, and make
Use the blue edge on the back cover - Vehicle Maintenance: Failure to replace maintenance
of this guide to determine if the tire Dents and dings items if they are dirty, low or worn or not in working
sure you contact us to let us know these repairs have tread meets our requirements by - Dents and dings of any size that occur more than
order (ie: oil, coolant, belts, hoses, transmission fluid,
been completed. placing the edge in the lowest tread on two times on one panel
brake fluid, power steering fluid, etc.)
the tire. If the blue line is covered, the
tread should be acceptable. - Two or more dents and/or dings that are more than Missing/broken parts
2" in diameter - Missing equipment, broken parts, and accessories
Wheels (i.e., radios, DVD player, headphones, remotes,
Two scratches that are less than 3" on Previous repairs navigation disc, cargo cover, charging cables, etc.)
a wheel may be considered normal, - Mismatched paint or parts
however any scratches greater than - Swirls, bubbles, debris or defects of any type in After market items
3" would be considered excessive. repainted areas - Any unauthorized vehicle modifications or alterations
The photo to the left shows excessive - Any substandard repair due to inferior or mismatched - Damage caused by the installation or removal of parts
scratches on the wheels. replacement parts and accessories
Minor scratches
A few small scratches are normal and Rust and corrosion Miscellaneous
acceptable on a used vehicle and - Any visible rust and/or corrosion - Missing owner's manual, keyless remotes or keys
would not be considered excess wear. - Further diagnosis: the cause behind illuminated
warning lights must be diagnosed and repaired;
Excess scratches lights that are reset are not acceptable
Multiple scratches or scratches that - Other missing items: hoses, covers, knobs, shifter,
break the paint would be considered *Please note this chart is NOT all-inclusive. You may be wipers, entertainment system, jack/tools, third-row
excess wear. charged for items not represented on this chart. seat, etc.

Can you keep a leased car after the lease ends? You need to return a car at the end of a lease. Leasing a car or other personal vehicle has several benefits. The main ones that make this an option for getting some wheels are the lower monthly cost and smaller down payment. Like renting an apartment, though, this arrangement comes with a lease maturity date.