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My benefits - Toyota Finance - toyota used car finance rates

My benefits - Toyota Finance-toyota used car finance rates

Building a great place to work
Toyota will lead the way to the future by
empowering people to innovate making
mobility possible.
While people's roles, locations or business stream might be
different in TFA, everyone is connected through the common
purpose of our business; to make a difference by enabling people
to connect to what matters most.
Our focus on continuous improvement means people grow
professionally and personally. It's your talent, passion, and belief
that there is always a better way forward that will be encouraged.
While your functional skills and capabilities will be developed
through a personal development plan which forms part of your
annual hoshin.
You'll be supported to make difference in our
The reasons people love working here go beyond their pay.
It's about our unique culture and feeling you belong. It's about
being proud to work for Toyota. It's also about the extra benefits
like MY-CAR.
What we offer you in return for the skills and experience you bring
to your role is known as an employee value proposition (EVP).
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Competitive salaries Superannuation
We regularly benchmark salaries to make sure they We have our own Toyota Superannuation scheme
are in line or better than salaries in similar markets. (Toyota Super) which is designed specifically for
We also undertake annual salary reviews. Toyota employees.
Unless you choose otherwise, we'll pay the
Sharing success
Superannuation Guarantee amount outlined in
your salary package into Toyota Super. We offer
salary sacrificing arrangements if you want to make
additional contributions.
We're keen for you to share in the success of our To protect you and your family from the unexpected,
organisation. We offer a discretionary, annual Toyota Super provides benefits on Death, Terminal
incentive scheme based on company achievement Illness, Total Permanent Disablement (TPD) and
and individual performance. Total and Temporary Disablement (TTD).
Read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for more
information about Toyota Super and its benefits. You
should obtain financial advice tailored to your personal
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What is Toyota Finance rate? Toyota Financing Offers. Toyota's advertised interest rates this April are much better than the current national average for a new-car loan, which is about 4.12%. You can finance the 2021 C-HR with a 1.9% interest rate for six years, and there's 2.49% financing for six years on the 2022 Prius.