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The following are the game specific rules for the Iowa Lottery's implementation of the Pick 4
Iowa state game. These game-specific rules are generated consistent with the authority in
Iowa Code ? 99G.9(4) (2014) and Iowa Code ? 99G.31(2)(b) (2014). The game-specific rules
are generated in compliance with the Computerized Lottery Games General Rules in 531 Iowa
Administrative Code Chapter 20, and incorporate the rules in Chapter 20. In the event of
inconsistencies, these game-specific rules control any contrary provisions of the
Computerized Lottery Games General Rules in 531 Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 20. In
purchasing a ticket for or otherwise participating in the Iowa Pick 4 lottery game, the player
agrees to comply with and abide by the Iowa Lottery's statutes, administrative rules, and
these Iowa-specific game rules.
A. General Play. The Iowa Pick 4 lottery game is an online game where the player
makes elections both on the numbers to play and the amount of money to wager.
For Pick 4, players must select four (4) numbers from a matrix of 10 numbers (0 through 9)
for each play. Tickets can be purchased from a terminal operated by a retailer. The player
may select numbers by marking the numbered squares in any one (1) game panel on an Iowa
Lottery approved play slip and submitting the play slip to a licensed retailer, by requesting an
"easy pick" from a licensed retailer, or by entering the numbers or an easy pick request into an
Iowa Lottery self-service kiosk.
B. Types of Play. There are multiple ways to play Pick 4. For each play, players must
choose the method or methods in which they seek to win. Players can select and attempt to
win using the following methods:
(i) straight, or four (4) matching numbers drawn by the Lottery in the exact order
picked by the player;
(ii) box, or matching the four (4) numbers drawn by the Lottery in any order;
(iii) straight/box, or a combination play where the player wins the box prize if the
numbers picked match those drawn by the Lottery in any order, and the player wins
both the designated straight and box prizes if the numbers picked by the player match
those drawn by the Lottery in exact order;
(iv) front pair, where the player's selected number matches the first two (2) digits
drawn by the Lottery in the exact order; or
(v) back pair, where the player's selected number matches the last two (2) digits
drawn by the Lottery in the exact order.
C. Easy Pick Elections. If a player elects to use an "easy pick" for Pick 4, the player will
receive a straight/box play with numbers selected by the retailer's terminal.
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D. Sell-out. At the Lottery's sole discretion, the Lottery may impose a liability limit or
"sell-out" for combinations of Pick 4 numbers at a given draw. When the liability limit
established by the Lottery is met for a given draw, the play combination for which the liability
limit has been reached will be deemed "sold-out" and unavailable for player purchase until
the next available draw.
SECTION 2 - GAME TICKETS AND COST. For self-selected numbers, players may choose to
wager fifty cents ($0.50), one dollar ($1), two dollars ($2), three dollars ($3), four dollars ($4),
or five dollars ($5). If the player fails to select an amount to wager at the time of purchase, the
retailer terminal or self-service kiosk will default to a one-dollar ($1) wager. For an "easy
pick" play, the player will pay the one dollar ($1) cost of the automatically selected
straight/box play.
Game tickets shall be printed on ticket stock that meets all specifications and requirements
of the Iowa Lottery, including but not limited to confidential specifications. Valid game
ticket shall include, but not be limited to, the following content: the player's number
selections, the game logo or name, the ticket cost, the applicable terminal number, a
barcode, a drawing date, and designations for quick picks (if selected) and advance draws
(if selected).
The following tickets are considered invalid and do not in any way entitle the bearer
thereof to any prize:
(i) Tickets that do not contain the content or comply with the specifications
set forth in these rules.
(ii) Tickets purchased from non-licensed Iowa Lottery retailers; or
(iii) Tickets purchased, possessed, or presented in violation of any provision of
Iowa Code Chapter 99G or Chapter 531 of the Iowa Administrative Code.
SECTION 3 - CANCELLATIONS LIMITED. A ticket purchased from a retailer may be canceled
by returning the ticket to the selling retailer. The ticket must be returned to the selling retailer
on the same day it was purchased. The ticket must also be canceled prior to the time for that
respective drawing. In the event that a ticket is canceled, the player will be entitled to a refund
equal to the purchase price of the ticket. A cancelled ticket is not eligible for any prize.
SECTION 4- DRAWINGS. Fourteen drawings will be held each week. Drawings will be held
daily, with midday ("day") drawings occurring at approximately 12:20 PM, Central Time, and
evening drawings occurring at approximately 10:00 PM, Central Time.
For each manual play purchase, the player must select the number of draws the player
chooses to play and whether the purchase will be for day draws, evening draws, or both.
When permitted by the Lottery, players may purchase numbers for up to eight (8) manual
play day or evening draws, or up to sixteen (16) manual play day and evening draws.
Tickets are only valid for only the draws of the selected day(s) and/or evening(s) as
reflected in the Lottery's central computer system.
The drawing will be held in accordance with the schedule posted to the Lottery's website
(www.ialottery.com). The drawings will be conducted by the Indiana Lottery or the Iowa
Lottery, under the supervision of a drawing officer, an independent auditor and lottery
security. All drawings are video recorded. All drawings of the Lottery are public events.
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Persons interested in attending drawings are invited to receive detailed information by
contacting Iowa Lottery Security in Des Moines at (515) 725-7900, TTY Relay Iowa (800)
735-2942, by writing Iowa Lottery Security Division, Iowa Lottery Authority, 13001
University Avenue, Clive, Iowa 50325, or by email directed to Wmaster@ialottery.com.
Persons who attend drawings must show a valid photo ID and be supervised by a member of
Lottery staff during the drawing. A request to attend a drawing must be received by the
Lottery no later than 48 hours prior to the drawing. Drawings will be held at the location
designated by the Iowa Lottery in conjunction with the Indiana Lottery. Persons are
responsible for their own transportation to attend the drawings.
A. Prizes & Odds of Winning. The prizes and odds are determined by the amount of
money the player wagers and the type of play selected. The play amounts and payouts are:
B. Prize Pools and Distribution. If all of the prize fund is not distributed on the last draw of
Pick 4, the prize fund will be transferred to a new game. In the absence of a new game, the
distribution of the prize fund will be determined by the lottery. The lottery may at its
discretion transfer a percentage of sales less awarded prizes to a prize insurance fund, which
may be used to pay prizes if the amount available to fund any Pick 4 prize is insufficient, for
special promotions related to any lottery game, for prizes in any lottery game if the amount
available in that game is not sufficient to pay a minimum or guaranteed prize. The prize
insurance fund may also be transferred to a new online game. The prize insurance funds may
be transferred as proceeds provided that the overall lottery prize payout is in excess of 50
percent of sales.
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How do you play pick 4 lottery? How do you play PICK 4? The Lottery will draw four winning numbers from 0 to 9. Players select four numbers from 0 to 9 to try to match. Follow these steps: Pick any four numbers from 0 to 9 or allow the terminal to randomly select your numbers via Quick Pick. Choose one play type: STRAIGHT, BOX, or STRAIGHT/BOX.