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Test Update Vancomycin Trough - UCHealth - vancomycin trough uptodate

Test Update Vancomycin Trough - UCHealth-vancomycin trough uptodate

Test Update
Vancomycin Trough
Effective July 15, 2014, the University of Colorado Hospital Clinical Laboratory has
revised the reference range and interpretive data for the following test to be consistent
with published reference ranges:
TEST OLD Reference Range NEW Reference Range
Vancomycin 5.0-10.0 ug/mL 10.0-20.0 ug/mL
Critical Value >40.0 ug/mL 35.0 ug/mL
Trough vancomycin serum concentrations 10.0 g/mL usually ensure
that the concentration is above the minimum inhibitory concentrations of
most vancomycin-sensitive pathogens. Trough concentrations above
Interpretative 20.0 g/mL are associated with nephrotoxicity. For effective
Data treatment, some patients may require serum or plasma levels outside
these ranges. Therefore, the expected ranges are provided only as
general guidance, and individual patient results should be interpreted
in light of clinical signs and symptoms.
Please call Dr. Greg Bocsi, Clinical Chemistry Medical Director at 720-848-7050 if you
have any questions or visit our website at http://www.uch.edu/for-healthcare-
professional/Clinical-Laboratory/index.aspx for additional information.
Issued 07/15/2014
Clinical Laboratory
Medical Director Ronald B. Lepoff, MD
12401 E. 17th Avenue, A022 Aurora, Colorado 80045

When to check vancomycin trough? Trough level samples are to be taken approximately 30 minutes before the dose is due. Inpatients with normal renal function, the next dose of vancomycin should be given at the scheduled time before the level is known. Vancomycin levels should be repeated until there are two consecutive levels within target range.