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Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan
Written Exchange Request
For institutional plan participant use only
I. Account Information Please print clearly.
Plan Name* Plan Number*
SSN # __ __ Phone Number Limit: One form per Plan.
City* State* Zip Code*
*Required Fields
II. Exchange Directions I hereby direct all current assets in the funds outlined below be exchanged in the following manner. All available
sources will be included in this exchange subject to the Plan rules. If you need additional space, please attach a
Choose One Option - A, B or C separate piece of paper and ensure that you include the from fund/amount and to fund/amount.
Option A
Exchange Funds - By choosing this option, you have elected to transfer existing money between funds either by whole percentage or
dollar amount. This will not affect how new contributions will be invested.
Fund Number Percent Or Dollar Amount Or Shares Fund Number Percent Or Dollar Amount Or Shares
Option B must total
Change Current Asset Mix - By choosing this option, you have elected to change how your existing plan balance is allocated by
entering new percentages for your funds. This will only affect existing money ~ it will not affect how new contributions will be invested.
Please take 100% of my existing money and distribute to the following funds and percentages.
Fund Number Percent
Check box only if you wish to change
future contributions to match these
selections as well.
Option C 100%
Rebalance Funds - By choosing this option, you have elected to reinvest your existing plan balances to match your current contribution
llocation percentages. To view your current contribution mix, logon to your account or call Vanguard.
*If market fluctuations cause your available balance to drop below the requested amount as of the trade date, your transaction request will not be in
good order and will not be processed. Consider changing your transaction amount to 100% of your total balance or modifying the transaction amount.
If you proceed with the dollar amount requested, you should confirm that your request was processed. Check vanguard.com or contact Vanguard at
800-523-1188 to determine if you need to re-initiate your request based on your available balance.
III. Authorization By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read Vanguard's Frequent Trading Policy in the funds' prospectuses and
understand that my request may be denied. I also understand that once this request is submitted, this transaction cannot
be changed or canceled for any reason. This form cannot be faxed or emailed back to Vanguard.
Mail completed form to:
U.S. Mail Overnight
Vanguard Vanguard
P.O. Box 982902 5951 Luckett Court Suite A2
Signature of Participant Date El Paso, TX 79998-2902 El Paso, TX 79932
Please make a copy for your records.
(06/15/2020) Print Form T38104_062020
?2020 WMS Scan: T381
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What is the phone number for Vanguard? Vanguard Contact Customer Service Phone Number. Phone Number of Vanguard Contact is +1 (877)-662-7447, +1 (800)-997-2798 . The Vanguard Group, commonly known as Vanguard, is a United States' based company that is engaged in providing investment management services.