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Selected Terms & Conditions for Wells Fargo Private Bank Debit Cards
Terms and Conditions effective 04/24/2017.
Introduction page 1
Defining Words In this brochure
? "You" and "your" refer to the owner and, if applicable, each co-
owner of a deposit account.
Using Your Card page 2 ? "We,""us," and "our" refer to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Using Your Card Through a Mobile Device page 4 ? "Card" includes every type of Private Bank debit card that we may
periodically issue to you, except prepaid debit cards.
One-Time Access Codes page 4 ? "Account" refers to the checking and/or savings account(s)
accessible using your Card.
Understanding Authorization Holds for Card page 4 ? "Business day" is any day except Saturday, Sunday, and federal
Transactions holidays.
Creating an Overdraft Using Your Card page 5 ? "Overdraft" refers to a negative balance in your Account.
Handling Preauthorized Payments page 5 Disclosing Your Information Generally, we will not disclose
information about your Account, but we may do so in the following
Using Visa Account Updater (VAU) Service page 5 situations:
? To comply with a statute, regulation, or rule.
Helping Protect Your Card page 5 ? In any legal process, including subpoena, search warrant, or other
order of a government agency or court.
Card and ATM Safety Tips page 6 ? In connection with examinations by state and federal banking
Contact Us page 7
? If we need to disclose information to complete a transaction.
? To verify the existence and condition of your Account for a third
INTRODUCTION party, such as a merchant or credit bureau.
This brochure describes your rights and responsibilities for your ? To provide information to the legal representative or successor of a
debit card, and adds information to our: deceased co-owner for the period during which the deceased had an
interest in your Account.
? Consumer Account Agreement,
? To report the involuntary closure of your Account.
? Consumer Account Fee and Information Schedule,
? When disclosure is necessary to protect you, your Account, or our
? Other Account Agreements interests.
? Any updated information we gave you since you opened your ? If you give us your permission.
However, if this brochure differs from the documents listed above, ? To our agents, independent contractors, and other representatives
the information in this brochure will control. who service or process your Account transactions, Account analysis,
or to similar purposes.
? To our affiliated banks and companies and to unaffiliated third
parties in accordance with our Privacy Policy disclosure.
Statements at ATMs should not be used in place of your Account statement for
USING YOUR CARD balancing or verifying the actual Account balance.
Table 1 shows how you can use your Card to make purchases and
1 Non-Wells Fargo ATMs are part of ATM networks owned or operated by other
financial institutions. You can use your Card to withdraw cash and check balances
payments, make transfers, and use ATMs. Note: some services for the Accounts linked to your Card as primary checking and primary savings.
described below may not be available at all ATMs. Note: 1) Some non-Wells Fargo ATMs may not give you the option of choosing
which Account to access or may only let you access one of your Accounts. 2)
Market rate or money market savings accounts generally cannot be designated
TABLE 1 as primary savings on your Card. 3) Some transactions may not be available at all
ATMs, may be different from those available at Wells Fargo ATMs, or may be limited
to any withdrawal limit(s) set by the non-Wells Fargo ATM.
How you can purchase or pay 2 Also applies to a Card issued by Wells Fargo Phone BankSM or Wells Fargo Online
that is linked to a primary account opened in Iowa.
Use your Card at merchants who accept payments through a
network in which we participate (e.g., Visa? and MasterCard?) Fees for using your Card
Pay bills directly to merchants or others using your Card Table 2 shows fees we may assess. These fees may not be applicable
Request cash back when you make a purchase using your PIN to all customers and may vary depending on the type of Account
with merchants who offer this service you have. For more details, refer to the applicable Wells Fargo Fee
and Information Schedule for your Account.
Use your Card through a Mobile Device at merchants who
accept mobile payments TABLE 2
Where you can withdraw money U.S.1 International
Wells Fargo ATMs and Wells Fargo Bank locations Non-Wells Fargo ATM Fees
Non-Wells Fargo ATMs (fees may apply) Balance inquiry $2 $2
Non-Wells Fargo banks that accept Visa-branded cards when a Transaction fee $2.50 $5
teller helps you with your transaction (fee may apply) Transfer fee $2 $2
Actions ATM Statement Fee $1
What you can do at Wells Fargo ATMs Debit Card Over-The-Counter Fee 3% of
View your Account balances for getting cash at a non-Wells Fargo $3 transaction
bank amount
Withdraw cash 3% of
Make deposits to your Accounts International Purchase transaction
Transaction Fee2
Transfer funds between your Accounts
Make payments to your Wells Fargo credit card 1 U.S. fee also applies to the following U.S. territories: American Samoa, Guam,
Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, U.S. Minor Outlying Islands, and U.S. Virgin
Get a statement of the last 10 transactions (fees may apply) Islands.
Get a statement of the balances of your Accounts 2 For each debit card purchase in a foreign currency converted to a U.S. dollar
(fees may apply) amount by a network.
Purchase U.S. postage stamps (fees apply) Non-Wells Fargo ATM Owner/Operator Fees
Choose how you want to receive your ATM receipt: printed, Fees from non-Wells Fargo ATM owner/operator may apply unless
emailed to the address on file or to your Wells Fargo Online? waived by terms of your Account. The non-Wells Fargo ATM owner/
secure inbox, or texted to your mobile phone number on file operator fees are included in the total amount withdrawn from
(mobile carrier message and data rates may apply) your Account.
What you can do at non-Wells Fargo ATMs1
Merchant Fees
View your Account balance (fees may apply) Some merchants may assess a fee when you use your Card for a
Withdraw cash (fees may apply)
purchase. This fee will be included in the total purchase amount.
Make deposits at certain non-Wells Fargo ATMs (using a Card ATM and Merchant Terminal Malfunctions
issued by a branch located in Iowa2) (fees may apply) We are not responsible for damages resulting from an ATM or
How you can receive electronic credit transfers merchant terminal malfunction. You will promptly notify us if a
Wells Fargo ATM fails to dispense the correct amount of cash or
Receive transfers, such as through card networks or funds provide a receipt, by calling or writing us at the telephone number or
transfer systems address provided on your Account statement.
Linking accounts for Card access and designating Daily Limits and funds available for using your Card
primary account You may use your Card subject to 1) your daily ATM withdrawal
Linking lets you add accounts you own (e.g., checking, savings, limit and daily purchase limit, and 2) your Available Balance in your
credit card) to a debit card, giving you access to make transactions Account. The following rules apply:
on multiple accounts with one Card at Wells Fargo ATMs. At most ? Limits on dollar amounts:
ATMs, you only have access to Accounts linked to your Card. At
certain ATMs inside Wells Fargo branches, however, you may be ? Daily ATM withdrawal limit is the maximum amount of
able to access and perform transactions on Accounts that are not cash you can withdraw from any combination of accessible
linked to your Card. Accounts using your Card. At certain ATMs inside Wells Fargo
If you link only one account of a single type (e.g., checking or
branches, your daily ATM withdrawal limit may not apply
savings accounts) to the Card, that linked account is automatically
during branch hours.
designated as the "primary" account for purposes of electronic fund ? Daily purchase limit is the maximum U.S. dollar amount of
transfer services. The primary account for a debit card must be a purchases (including cash back, if any) that can be debited from
checking account. The money for purchases and payments made your Account.
with your Card is deducted from the primary checking account. ? In certain circumstances, we may allow debit card transactions
Cash withdrawals using a Card at a non-Wells Fargo ATM are that exceed your daily purchase limit.
deducted from the primary checking or savings account. ? If your daily purchase limit is more than $99,999, you may ask
If you link more than one account of a single type to the Card, you that the merchant process multiple transactions to complete a
may designate a primary account and other accounts. If you do purchase above this amount.
not designate a primary account , the first account of that type ? The limits for your Card: We provide you your daily ATM
linked to your Card is considered the primary account. If a primary withdrawal and purchase limits when you receive your Card. You
account linked to the Card is closed or delinked for any reason, we can confirm your Card's daily limits by calling us at the number
will designate another linked account (if applicable) as the new listed in the "Contact Us" section, or by signing on to Wells Fargo
primary account. If this linked account is a savings account, your Online.
debit card will be closed and you can request an ATM card. We ? Changes to your Card limits: We may, without telling you,
will determine the number and type of accounts you can link to change your daily purchase or ATM withdrawal limit based on
your Card. account history, activity, and other factors.
Using a debit card to access linked credit card and line of
? Definition: For purposes of the daily limits only, a "day" is defined
credit accounts at ATMs
as the 24-hour period from midnight to midnight, Pacific Time. If
If you link your Wells Fargo credit card account or eligible line of
a transaction is made in another time zone, it will be processed
credit account to the Card (linked credit account), you may use the
when we receive it.
Card to access the linked credit account at any Wells Fargo ATM. ? Available Balance: Your "Available Balance" is the most current
record we have about funds that are available for withdrawal from
You can use the Card to obtain cash or transfer funds from the the Account. You may use your Card as often as you want every
linked credit account, as long as the linked credit account is in good day as long you stay within your daily ATM limit and daily purchase
standing and has available credit. Cash withdrawals and transfers of limit, and you have sufficient Available Balance in any of your
funds from your linked credit account are treated as cash advances. Accounts used for withdrawal. However, your Available Balance
Each of these transactions is subject to the provisions of the does not include your outstanding checks and your scheduled bill
applicable credit card account agreement or line of credit account payments, or other transactions that have not yet been paid from
agreement, including daily limits and cash advance fees. the Account. Your Available Balance may include deposits still
You must notify us in case of errors or questions about your Wells subject to verification or collection by us. If the ATM transaction or
Fargo credit card bill. If you think your bill is wrong or if you need purchase would create an overdraft on the Account, we may take
more information about a transaction on your bill, write to us or actions described in the section of this brochure titled "Creating an
call us at the address or telephone number listed on your credit Overdraft Using Your Card."
card account statement. However, you must write to us to preserve ? Authorizations: When we approve a transaction or purchase,
your billing rights. Please consult your applicable credit account we call that an "authorization." We may limit the number of
agreement for complete information on the terms and conditions authorizations we allow during a period of time (e.g., if we notice
applicable to your linked credit account, including the rules relating out-of-pattern use of your Card, suspected fraudulent or unlawful
to cash advances from, and payments to, your linked credit accounts. activity, or internet gambling). For security reasons, we cannot
explain the details of the authorization system. If we do not
authorize the payment, we may notify the person who attempted
the payment that has been refused. We will not be responsible for
failing to give an authorization.
Illegal Transactions and Internet Gambling: You must not use

Does Wells Fargo have ATM check deposit limit?There is no limit on the amount you can deposit at a Wells Fargo ATM. Some ATMs have a limit on the number of bills or checks you can deposit in a single transaction, but this is based on the limitations of the ATM itself. You can always do multiple transactions to deposit the amount you want.


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