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Let’s Explore Ramps and Tunnels - what are dumbs tunnels

Let’s Explore Ramps and Tunnels-what are dumbs tunnels

Explorers Preschool Curriculum
Let's Explore Ramps
and Tunnels
Developed by
Marcy White
Program Coordinator
Arkansas State University Childhood Services
JoAnn Nalley, Director
Thank you to the following colleagues who supported the
development of Explorers Preschool Curriculum.
Contributing Author
Growing Every Day: Supporting Social-Emotional Development
Carol Evans
Conscious Discipline Coach
A-State Childhood Services
Janice Carter
Program Coordinator
A-State Childhood Services
Mandi Edmonds
Program Specialist
A-State Childhood Services
Sandra Withers, APRN
Healthy Child Care Arkansas
Diana Courson
Associate Director
A-State Childhood Services
Let's Explore Ramps and Tunnels
Table of Contents
Let's Explore: Ramps and Tunnels 1
Preparing to Explore Ramps and Tunnels 2
Learning Center Extensions 3
Conversations about Ramps and Tunnels 6
Songs, Rhymes and Games 8
Small Group Learning Experiences 10
Introducing the Ramp and Tunnel Area 11
Rolling, Rolling, Rolling 13
Will It Roll? 15
Real Life Ramps 17
Creating Tunnels 19
Slow Race 21
Drawing Diagrams 23
Drip, Drop, Slide 25
Designing Rides 27
Stopping Point 29
Active Physical Play - Ramps and Tunnels 31
Growing Every Day 32
Even More Ramps and Tunnels Experiences 33
Concluding Your Ramps and Tunnels Exploration 34
Explorers Preschool Curriculum
A-State Childhood Services.07/20