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45720100965001722120-3810ITS ConGlobal8205 SOUTH CASS AVE., SUITE 115DARIEN, IL 6056100ITS ConGlobal8205 SOUTH CASS AVE., SUITE 115DARIEN, IL 60561Important retirement planning information enclosedDSN PCCCCC RPN RISRECIPIENT NAMEADDRESSADDRESSCITY STATE ZIPRetirement plan changes to help you live your best lifeAt ITS ConGlobal we’re committed to providing comprehensive and competitive retirement benefits. To help you save enough for the life you want in retirement, we’re excited to announce we’re transitioning from our current retirement plan service provider and teaming up with Principal?. Here’s the scoopAs the retirement plan services move, we’ll be working with Principal to make sure it’s a smooth transition. You’ll get detailed information about your savings and how to access your new account soon. For now, you can see how the transition works principal.com/landing-page/welcome-principal.Learn more about what Principal has to offer by visiting principal.com/RetirementPlanningResources.What’s next As part of the transition, there will be a required blackout period, which generally occurs whenever there is a transfer of participant records and assets. During this time, you won’t be able to change your investment allocations, request a loan or withdrawal, or take a distribution from your account. We will supply you with detailed information along the way.What you can look forward toAfter the transition is complete, you’ll get access to a host of great resources from Principal, including: The Principal? Milestones financial wellness program to help you manage your financial priorities Will and legal document preparation services through ARAG? at no cost at principal.com/willprepAward-winning educational webinars on a variety of topics live and on-demand at principal.com/learnnowYour Retirement Wellness Planner and Retirement Wellness Score — providing a holistic look at your retirement savings to see if you may be on track for the retirement you want24/7 account access on-the-go with the Principal? app, a free download on Google Play and the Apple App StoreIt is our goal, together with Principal, to help you feel confident making financial decisions. We’re excited about this change and encourage you to take full advantage of our retirement benefits.Sincerely,Mike Lichtfuss, Chief People OfficerThe value-added resources provided through ARAG Services, LLC (ARAG?) are not a part of any insurance products and plan administrative services provided through Principal Life Insurance Co or affiliated with any company of the Principal Financial Group?. All resources may be changed or canceled at any time. The use of resources provided by ARAG Services, LLC should not be considered a substitute for consultation with an attorney or advisor. Principal? is not responsible for any loss, injury, claim, liability, or damages related to the use of the ARAG Will & Legal Document Center resources.Please remember that the ARAG legal documents, DIY Docs? are accurate and useful in many situations. Due to possible changes by a state, it is a good idea to periodically review a template used to be sure it is the most current template. Whether or not the document is right for you and your situation depends on your circumstances. If you want specific advice regarding your situation, consult an attorney.Information is intended to be educational in nature and is not intended to be taken as a recommendation.ARAG Services, LLC and Health Advocate are not an affiliate of any company of the Principal Financial Group.The Retirement Wellness Planner information and Retirement Wellness Score are limited only to the inputs and other financial assumptions and is not intended to be a financial plan or investment advice from any company of the Principal Financial Group? or plan sponsor. This calculator only provides education which may be helpful in making personal financial decisions. Responsibility for those decisions is assumed by the participant, not the plan sponsor and not by any member of Principal?. Individual results will vary. Participants should regularly review their savings progress and post-retirement needs. Insurance products and plan administrative services provided through Principal Life Insurance Co., a member of the Principal Financial Group?, Des Moines, IA 50392. CP10298A | ? 2021 Principal Financial Services, Inc. | 869522-1533416-062019 | 02/2021