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CAMPBELL Generators HAUSFELD - Campbell Hausfeld-what to draw generator

Operating Instructions
Please read and save these instructions. Read carefully before attempting to assemble, install, operate or maintain the product described.
Protect yourself and others by observing all safety information. Failure to comply with instructions could result in personal injury and/or
property damage! Retain instructions for future reference.
CAMPBELL Generators
Description 4. Be sure that the generator is extension cord is used, be sure that
These generators are powered by air- properly grounded to an external it has three prongs for proper
cooled four cycle engines and designed ground path prior to operation. grounding.
to run at maximum RPM and give a Refer to the section entitled Do not operate this
continuous wattage as rated. On "Grounding Instructions" for proper generator on wet
certain models, a low-oil level shutoff grounding procedures. surfaces or in the rain.
is provided to protect the engine. This 5. Be sure that the generator is 13. Never operate the generator with
feature is usually associated with operated only by persons who have damaged, broken or missing parts,
extended run models. read and understand these or with any guarding components
instructions. removed.
Unpacking 6. Be sure that the generator is placed Shut off the
generator engine
When unpacking, inspect carefully for on a flat level surface prior to and and disconnect the spark plug wire
any damage that may have occurred during operation. The generator before performing any service or
during transit. Make sure any loose must not slide or shift during maintenance to the unit.
fittings, bolts, etc., are tightened operation. 14. Use only unleaded fuel. Do not refill
before putting unit into service. 7. Keep all persons away from the the fuel tank while the engine is
generator during operation. running. Use precautions to prevent
General Safety 8. Do not allow persons wearing loose fuel spillage during refills. Be sure
1. Before starting or clothing or jewelry to start or the fuel tank cap is securely in place
servicing any operate the generator. Loose before starting the engine. Clean up
generator, read clothing or jewelry may become any spilled fuel before starting the
and understand all MANUAL entangled in moving components, engine. Allow engine to cool for at
instructions. Failure causing equipment damage and or least two minutes before refueling.
to follow safety personal injury. 15. This generator may be used for
precautions or instructions can 9. Keep all persons away from parts emergency stand-by service. In such
cause equipment damage and or that move or become hot during cases, a manual transfer switch must
serious personal injury. Engine operation. be installed between the electric
instructions for these units are utilities meter and the electrical
contained in a separate manual. 10. Be sure all powered devices are shut
Retain all manuals for future off prior to connecting them to the distribution box. This switch should
reference. generator. be installed by a licensed electrician.
2. Never use this generator for any 11. Keep the generator clean and well Never mix oil with
application other than that maintained at all times. gasoline for this
specified by the manufacturer. engine. This is a four cycle engine
Never operate this generator under designed to run on pure gasoline. Oil is
conditions not approved by the Never operate this
used for engine lubrication purposes only.
manufacturer. Never attempt to generator in an Operation
modify this generator to perform in explosive atmosphere
any manner not intended by the
or poorly ventilated PRE-OPERATION
area. 1. Check engine oil level. Oil is NOT
manufacturer. 12. Be sure that all tools and appliances mixed with the gasoline, however
3. For maintenance and repairs, use are in good repair and are properly adequate oil supply is necessary for
only products and parts grounded. Use devices that have proper engine lubrication. Refer to
recommended by the three prong power cords. If an the Engine Manual for SAE, API and
manufacturer. fill quantity specifications.
? 1996 Campbell Hausfeld IN198203AV 11/96
Operating Instructions
2. Use of a Ground Fault Interrupter EXTENSION CORDS
(GFI) is strongly recommended. MAXIMUM RECOMMENDED LENGTHS (IN FEET)
Ground Fault Interrupters can
significantly reduce the possibility of
injury if an electrical short occurs. In Amps Watts Watts #8 #10 #12 #14 #16
120 V 240 V Wire Wire Wire Wire Wire
order to install a GFI, the generator
neutral wire must be internally 2.5 300 600 1000 600 375 250
grounded to the generator frame, 5 600 1200 500 300 200 125
and the frame must be properly 7.5 900 1800 350 200 125 100
grounded to the earth. 10 1200 2400 250 150 100 50
15 1800 3600 150 100 65
A Ground Fault 20 2400 4800 175 125 75 50
Interrupter may 25 3000 6000 150 100 60
not be effective if used on a generator
that is not grounded! Refer to the 30 3600 7200 125 65
section entitled Grounding for proper 40 4800 9600 90
steps to ground the generator.
a. An underground water pipe at NOTE: Some models may be equipped
3. When installing a GFI, be sure to least ten feet in length with an electric starter. For models
follow all national and local
regulations. If not sure of b. A non-corrosive underground equipped with an electric starter, press
regulations or procedures, obtain pipe at least eight feet in length the start button.
assistance from a qualified (licensed and 3/4 inch diameter 6. After each start up, allow the
or certified) electrical technician. c. A steel or iron underground rod engine to run for 2-3 minutes with
GROUNDING at least eight feet in length and no load.
1. Use the ground terminal and wing
5/8 inch diameter 7. As the engine warms up and
nut on the generator frame to d. A non-ferrous rod at least eight stabilizes, adjust the choke lever to
connect the unit to a suitable feet in length, 1/2 inch in the right, until the lever is
ground source. Securely fasten the diameter, and approved for positioned at the RUN label.
end terminal of the ground wire to grounding purposes Engine speed is
preset to provide
the ground terminal on the Any rod or pipe used for grounding proper output voltage. Never attempt
generator frame. Tighten the must be driven to eight feet deep or to modify or adjust engine speed or
washer and wing nut on top of the buried in the deepest possible trench. output voltage.
ground wire end terminal. STARTING ENGINE BREAK-IN
2. The ground wire should be made of 1. Remove all electrical loads from the After initial start-up, the engine should
#8 gauge wire. Do not use wire with generator. be broken in according to the
a higher gauge number. Higher 2. Rotate fuel shut-off valve counter manufacturer's instructions. Refer to
gauge numbers indicate thinner clockwise to enable fuel flow. the engine manual for the proper
wire, which may not provide an break-in procedure.
adequate ground path. 3. Rotate the engine switch to the ON
3. The other end of the ground wire
must be securely fastened to an 4. Adjust the choke lever as follows: 1. Shut off and remove all electrical
approved ground source. a. For cold engine, move the choke load devices from the generator.
The following are ground sources lever as far as possible to the left, 2. Allow the engine to run for 2-3
approved by the National Electric Code. choke fully ON, position. minutes with no electrical loads.
Other ground sources may be b. For warm/hot engine, move the 3. Rotate the engine switch to the OFF
acceptable. Refer to the National Electric choke lever midway between the position.
Code and local regulations for further choke and run positions. 4. Verify that the generator has
ground source information. If not sure 5. Pull the starter rope with a brisk, completely stopped.
of regulations or procedures, obtain smooth motion. 5. Close the fuel supply valve.
assistance from a qualified (licensed or 6. Allow the unit to cool before
certified) electrical technician. installing any covers.
Operating Instructions
1. All load devices and extension cords Load Device Watts Load Device Watts
should use three prong terminals.
Refer to the following chart for Air conditioner 2000-3000 Radio 50-200
extension cord and cable size Automatic washer 150-1500 Refrigerator 190-2000
requirements. Brooder 100+ Skillet 1200
2. Allow the engine to run for 2-3 Clothes dryer 5000-10,000 Space heater 600-4800
minutes before applying any Coffee maker 400-700 Sump pump 400-3000
electrical loads. Electric drill (small) 225-1000 Television 200-500
3. The 120 volt receptacles are rated
for 15 amps and may be used in any Electric drill (large) 500-1000 Toaster 900-1700
combination of 120 volt loads and Fan 40-200 Vacuum cleaner 200-300
also with 240 volt loads through the Freezer 300-500 Water pump 1000-3000
240 volt receptacles. Hot plate 330-1100 Water heater 1000-5000
The 240 volt receptacles are rated
for 20 amps and may be used in any Iron 500-1500 Small hand saw 1000-2000
combination of 240 volt loads and Light bulb As Rated Large hand saw 1500-2500
also with 120 volt loads through the
120 volt receptacles. If actual watt ratings are not available, Repeated cycling
The 120/240 volt twist lock the following chart may be used as a of the circuit
receptacle, found on some units, is general guideline. breaker indicates a problem and may
rated for 20 amps and may be used cause damage to the generator or load
in any combination of 120 volt and Remember that devices which generate devices. Do not operate the generator
240 volt loads. heat during operation such as heaters, if repeated cycling of the circuit
4. Individual receptacles should not be incandescent light bulbs, motors and breaker occurs.
loaded beyond the amperage hair dryers have a higher power draw LOW OIL SHUTDOWN
rating. than devices which generate little heat A low oil shutdown switch is provided
5. Total combined load through any during operation such as florescent to protect the engine and generator on
combination of receptacle must not bulbs, radios, and clocks. most extended run models. When
exceed the rated load limits of the Long power cords and extension cords engine oil level drops too low for
generator. Refer to the also draw additional power. Keep cords proper engine operation, the low oil
identification plate on the at minimum possible length.
shutdown switch causes the engine to
generator for amp and wattage shut off. If oil level is low when
specifications. Refer to the chart provided for attempting to start the generator
6. Always shut off and remove loads maximum limits for lengths of engine, the low oil level shutdown
before starting or shutting off the extension cords. switch prevents the engine from
generator engine. 8. Circuit protection is provided by a starting. If engine does not start, check
7. When plugging multiple electrical circuit breaker. The circuit breaker
oil level.
load devices into the generator opens when the generator load NOTE: It is important to keep the
receptacles, be sure to connect and exceeds its maximum capacity or a generator unit on a level surface. The
activate the highest power draw short circuit occurs. If the circuit oil level shutdown switch can prevent
item first. Allow the generator breaker opens, perform the following the engine from starting even if oil
engine to stabilize, then connect procedures to correct the problem: level is sufficient, when the generator
and activate the next highest power unit is placed on an uneven surface.
draw device. The smallest power a. Shut off and disconnect all
draw device should be connected to electrical loads. Installation for Stand-by Use
the receptacle and activated last. b. Attempt to determine the cause Precautions must be taken to prevent
NOTE: Power draw can be calculated of the electrical problem - electrical back feeding into utility
by multiplying volts and amps. The overloading or short circuit. systems. This requires isolation of the
resulting number is wattage. c. Do not use any devices that have electrical system. To isolate the
Never exceed the posted maximum short circuits. Avoid overloading electrical system, perform the following
wattage for the generator or any the generator. procedures:
individual receptacle. Refer to owner's d. Press the circuit breaker 1. Turn off the main electrical system
manuals and product tags to determine pushbutton to reset the circuit switch prior to connecting the
the wattage of all electrical load devices. breaker. generator.