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POWER PHRASES TO BUILD YOUR RESUME - Indiana … - what to say instead of for example

POWER PHRASES TO BUILD YOUR RESUME - Indiana …-what to say instead of for example

Avoid burdening management with administrative
Effectively use exception reporting to keep
Recognize the importance of accuracy management informed.
Perform with a high degree of accuracy Clearly establish administrative rules and regulations
Perform with consistent accuracy Enumerate and specify procedures for implementing
Achieve results with accuracy and precision and administering written policies
Maintain high statistical accuracy Develop policies and procedure to improve
Expect perfection department.
Strive for perfection Improve administrative support systems
Excel in achieving perfection Supply necessary support services
Avoid mistakes and errors Develop successful administrative strategies
Conform to strict tolerances Excel in simplifying systems and reducing paperwork
Meet precise standards Excel in eliminating unnecessary paperwork
Meet rigid specifications Effectively control paperwork.
Keep accurate records Manage paperwork efficiently and effectively
Maintain accurate documentation Improve administrative efficiency through the
Provide explicit documentation effective use of forms
Meticulous with detail Establish effective systems for record retention
Excel in detail checking Keep simple records with little duplication
Forecast with extreme accuracy Effectively handle information overload
Make accurate predictions about future trends, Establish effective systems for information retrieval
directions and developments. Understand and apply basic statistical methods
Make effective use of statistical applications
ACHIEVEMENT Use sound statistical control techniques
Properly control the release of proprietary information
Achieve optimal levels of personal performance and Respect confidential information
accomplishment Maintain complete confidentiality
Provide strong evidence of specific accomplishments Keep informed of new technologies in office
Produce a tangible, positive impact automation
Achieve consistently high results Utilize improved technology for administrative support
Excel in achieving outstanding project results Make effective use of office equipment
Achieve bottom-line results
Achieve lasting results ANALYTICAL SKILLS:
Exceed the norm
Accomplish more with fewer people Demonstrate a strong power of analytical reasoning
Demonstrate the ability to achieve desire results Display strong analytical qualities
Focus on results Demonstrate a strong ability to analyze problems
Attain results without negative side effects Very methodical in solving problems
Attain results through positive actions Utilize a variety of analytical techniques to solve
ADMINISTRATION Excels in analyzing and adjusting work procedures for
maximum efficiency
Demonstrate a high level of administrative Thoroughly analyze conditions and reaches
competence. independent decisions
Constantly examine administrative effectiveness and Effective in analyzing relevant information
seeks better procedures Excel in analytical thinking
Encourage administrative efficiency and effectiveness
Achieve high administrative output
Make appropriate use of formal vs. informal
APPEARANCE communication
Encourage open communication to achieve mutual
Recognize the importance of appearance understandings
Present an attractive appearance Demonstrate an ability to perform and communicate
Take pride in personal appearance Competent communicator
Display the type of grooming which is neat, attractive Ask penetrating questions
and appropriate Prevent unproductive responses
Give proper attention to personal hygiene and dress Avoid communication breakdowns
Dress to convey an appropriate image Make the best impression in all situations
Dress consistent with organizational expectation Demonstrate proper telephone techniques and
Conform to proper standards of dress etiquette
Wear appropriate clothing and accessories Make effective use of the telephone and fax machine
Dress appropriately for the position Effective explains and interprets organizational
Display good posture policies and procedures
Projects poise and authority Effectively translates complex information into
Make positive first impression common terms
Make excellent impression Effective organization of ideas for logical presentation
Project a positive image and acceptance.
Respond quickly to all oral and written
Excel in verbal and no-verbal communications
Excel in effective and positive communications Use proper oral and written language
Communicate openly, forcefully and effectively Possess a strong vocabulary
Communicate clearly and concisely Display productive assertiveness
Communicate with credibility and confidence Assertive without being overly aggressive
Communicate high expectations Convey an impression which reflects favorably upon
Improve the effectiveness of communications and the public relations of the organization
interactions with others Excel in dealing with the public
Provide a intellectual atmosphere conducive to the Use communicative skills to bolster the organization's
stimulation and interchange of ideas image
Excel in communicating with individuals and small Promote organizational policies, the quality of its
groups products and its reputation
Conduct meetings that achieve results Demonstrate and convey a favorable image of the
Make a strong impact at meetings organization
Demonstrate strong committee procedures and
techniques COMPETENCY
Excel in intercommunications and interactions
Demonstrate sound negotiating skills Demonstrate competent performance
Effectively communicate goals and interplay of ideas Project a special competence
and concepts Demonstrate a high level of expertise
Effectively communicate management decisions to Demonstrate strong personal effectiveness
achieve understanding and acceptance. Demonstrate strong interpersonal competence
Effectively communicate upward, downward and Believe in self
laterally Very confidant of abilities
Communicate effectively both horizontally and Uses abilities to the fullest
vertically Maximize personal strengths
Develops and maintains two-way communications Excel in the effective application of skill
Keep other departments informed of developments Display a high level of technical competence
affecting their function Effectively blend management skills with technical
Communicate confidently with superiors, peers and expertise
subordinates Combine technical competence with dependability and
Effectively communicate with co-workers loyalty
Optimally utilize all channels of communications Demonstrate highly sophisticated skill and strategies
Demonstrate good judgement in selecting the proper Possess specialized skill
mode of communication Highly skilled in all phases of job
Know when to cover topics by letter or phone. Excel in operational skills
Display excellent attention to technical skills Adhere closely to organizational policies and
Especially effective in the development and use of procedures when requesting expense reimbursement
supportive skill Ensure that all expenditures are in the best interest of
Uniquely qualified the organization
Effectively capitalizes on strengths Demonstrate success in reducing costs while
Accentuate strengths maintaining high quality
Keep informed of the latest trends and developments Excel in controlling costs and eliminating waste
Constantly sharpens and updates skills
Devote appropriate time and effort to the CREATIVITY
development of professional competence
Attend seminars and workshops to improve job Display creative imagination
performance Display active imagination
Demonstrate imaginative insight
COMPUTER SKILLS Provide valuable insights
Demonstrate creative strength
Maximizes the benefits of computer technology Successfully develop creative strategies
Incorporate the newest computer technologies Continuously experimenting
Identify computer support requirements Seek creative alternatives
Ensure that computers are used to generate Challenge conventional practices
meaningful information and increase efficiency Consider innovative possibilities
Encourage employee acceptance and use of Explore new paths, procedures and approaches
computers Excels in creative thinking and problem solving
Ensure the proper training of computer operators Create satisfying solution in conformance with
Utilize the power of computers organizational polices
Make effective use of computer equipment and Develop creative solutions to problems
facilities Demonstrate a high degree of originality and
Possess a strong knowledge of computer creativity
fundamentals Originate and develop constructive ideas
Understand computer applications Initiate good conceptual ideas with practical
Computer literate applications
Keep alert to new computer hardware Excel in developing spontaneous ideas
Keep abreast of new software applications Originate unsought ideas
Seek new ideas and approaches
COST MANAGEMENT Stimulate ideas
Promote the flow of good ideas
Effectively control costs through economical utilization Welcome ideas from subordinates
of personnel, materials and equipment Receptive to new ideas
Effectively commit resources of staff, funds and time Generate fresh ideas
Make maximum use of allocated funds Initiate fresh ideas
Make realistic budget projections Discover new approaches
Give close attention to monitoring budget variances Display a sense of inquiry
and plans appropriate adjustment Maintain a high level of curiosity
Strive for maximum return on investment Display a strong power of observation
Excel in profit-oriented decisions Encourage an environment for creative excellence
Demonstrate a strong ability to strengthen cost-profit Promote an environment conducive to creativity
ratios Tap the creative potential of a group
Demonstrate sound cost effectiveness Encourage innovation
Develop strong cost control measures to ensure Promote a creative climate
desired results Create interest
Maintain effective cost control Create opportunities
Exercise appropriate cost control
Effectively identify areas needing cost reductions DECISION MAKING
Display sound judgement in managing and controlling
expenses Makes decisions with confidence
Adhere to sound auditing principals Display firmness in making decision
Plan travel, entertainment and related expenses to Can be relied on to make sound decisions
achieve essential organizational goals Make inventive and resourceful decisions

What is another way to say For example? e.g. - stands for exempli gratia, which translates to "for example" in English (I have many small appliances, e.g., an air fryer, a slow cooker and a toaster oven.) i.e. - stands for id est, which means "that is" in English. (I love my family, i.e., my parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.)