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To active Remote Assistance: - windows xp virtual machine online

E-mail From MSDNAA
1. You should have received an e-mail with the subject: Welcome to MSDN Academic Alliance: Online Software System. This e-mail has your username and password in it. You cannot download any software without that information.

Getting Your Windows XP Professional Activation Code
2. Open Internet Explorer and go to http://msdn06.e-academy.com/CCoSF_IT
3. Click the LOG IN button.
4. Log in with the user name and password from your e-mail message.
5. Click the Software near the top of the page.
6. Click on the picture of Windows XP Professional.
7. Click Download only and click ADD TO CART.
8. The Student Use Guidelines appear. Scroll down and click I Agree at the bottom.
9. A View Shopping Cart screen appears. Click CHECK OUT.
10. On the Customer Information screen, fill in your name and click Next.
11. On the Order Details screen, click on the blue Windows XP Professional link.
12. Your product activation code appears. Save this number – I recommend copying it into an e-mail message or NotePad file immediately.
13. Use the CD from your instructor with this activation code to install Windows XP. REMEMBER, YOU CANONLY USE IT ON ONE MACHINE! If you want to use it on a virtual machine, you can’t also use it on a physical machine.

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