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Using vmrun to Control Virtual Machines - VMware-windows xp virtual machine online

Using vmrun to Control
Virtual Machines
VMware Workstation 7.0
VMware Fusion 3.0
VMware vSphere 4
VMware Server 2.0
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Using vmrun to Control Virtual Machines
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About This Book 5
Using vmrun to Control Virtual Machines 7
About the vmrun Utility 7
Power Commands 7
Snapshot Commands 7
Record and Replay Commands 7
Guest Operating System Commands 8
Maintenance Commands 8
VProbes Commands 8
Limitations 8
Setting Up vmrun 8
How to Get vmrun 8
Linux Setup 8
Windows Setup 9
Mac OS X Setup 9
Specifying the VMware Product Platform 9
Encrypted Virtual Machines 9
Guest Operations 9
Running Hosted Platforms Locally 9
Running VMware vSphere Remotely 10
Running VMware Server Remotely 10
Virtual Machine Run Reference 10
Path to VMX File 10
Disabling Dialog Boxes 10
Syntax of vmrun Commands 11
Examples of Using vmrun 15
Reboot Commands 15
Power Commands 15
Snapshot Commands 16
Record and Replay Commands 16
Running Guest Applications 16
Guest to Host File Operations 17
Maintenance Commands 18
Index 19
VMware, Inc. 3

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Title: Using vmrun to Control Virtual Machines
Subject: The vmrun command-line utility can power virtual machines on and off, and provides many commands for guest operations.
Keywords: start, stop, reset, suspend, snapshot, record, replay, shared folders, clone, list
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