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Woodland Memorial Hospital
Community Benefit 2020 Report and 2021 Plan
Adopted October 2020
A message from
Edmundo Casta?eda, President and CEO of Woodland Memorial Hospital and Roger Clarkson,
Chair of the Dignity Health Woodland Healthcare Community Board.
Dignity Health's approach to community health improvement aims to address significant health
needs identified in the Community Health Needs Assessments that we conduct with community
input, including from the local public health department. Our initiatives to deliver community benefit
include financial assistance for those unable to afford medically necessary care, a range of prevention
and health improvement programs conducted by the hospital and with community partners, and
investing in efforts that address social determinants of health.
Woodland Memorial Hospital (Woodland Memorial) shares a commitment with others to improve
the health of our community, and delivers programs and services to help achieve that goal. The
Community Benefit 2020 Report and 2021 Plan describes much of this work. This report meets
requirements in California state law (Senate Bill 697) that not-for-profit hospitals produce an annual
community benefit report and plan. Dignity Health hospitals in Arizona and Nevada voluntary
produce these reports and plans, as well. We are proud of the outstanding programs, services and
other community benefits our hospital delivers, and are pleased to report to our community.
In fiscal year 2020 (FY20), Woodland Memorial provided $24,866,821 in patient financial
assistance, unreimbursed costs of Medicaid, community health improvement services and other
community benefits. The hospital also incurred $25,730,670 in unreimbursed costs of caring for
patients covered by Medicare.
The hospital's Community Board reviewed, approved and adopted the Community Benefit 2020
Report and 2021 Plan at its October 27, 2020 meeting.
Thank you for taking the time to review our report and plan. We welcome any questions or ideas for
collaborating that you may have, by reaching to out to us at (916) 851-2005.
Edmundo Casta?eda Roger Clarkson
President/CEO Chairperson, Community Board
Community Benefit FY 2020 Report and FY 2021 Plan Woodland Memorial Hospital | 2
Table of Contents
At-a-Glance Summary 4
Our Hospital and the Community Served 6
About Woodland Memorial Hospital 6
Our Mission 6
Financial Assistance for Medically Necessary Care 6
Description of the Community Served 7
Community Need Index 8
Community Assessment and Significant Needs 8
Community Health Needs Assessment 9
Significant Health Needs 9
2020 Report and 2021 Plan 10
Creating the Community Benefit Plan 10
Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic 11
Report and Plan by Health Need 13
Community Grants Program 19
Program Digests 20
Other Programs and Non-Quantifiable Benefits 28
Economic Value of Community Benefit 30
Hospital Board and Committee Rosters 31
Financial Assistance Policy Summary 32
Community Benefit FY 2020 Report and FY 2021 Plan Woodland Memorial Hospital | 3

Where is Woodland Memorial Hospital located in Yolo County? Woodland Memorial is situated in Yolo County, located at 1325 Cottonwood Street in Woodland, CA. The general acute care hospital is a part of Dignity Health and has 720 employees, 108 licensed acute care beds, 17 emergency department beds and 31 inpatient mental health beds. The hospital provides compassionate, high surrounding communities.