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Word Within the Word List #2 - word within a word list 21

Word Within the Word List #2 -word within a word list 21

Word Within the Word List #2
1. archy (government) monarchy, hierarchy, anarchy, matriarchal, patriarch
2. ard (always) drunkard, coward, dullard, sluggard, braggart
3. cide (kill) genocide, herbicide, homicide, suicide, regicide
4. ician (specialist) clinician, technician, musician, beautician, physician
5. itis (inflammation)appendicitis, tonsillitis, arthritis, gastroenteritis
6. aqua (water) aquarium, aquatic, aquaplane, aqueduct, aquifer
7. audi (hear) audience, audition, auditory, audiometer, audiology
8. bell (war) rebellion, bellicose, belligerent, rebel
9. cap (take) capture, captive, captor, captious, captivate, captivity
10. cise (cut) excise, incisors, incision, circumcise, incisive, precise
11. bio (life) biography, biology, biomorphic, biochemistry
12. auto (self) autobiography, automobile, autograph, automatic
13. port (carry) transport, import, report, deport, important, portage
14. scrib (write) scribble, inscribe, scribe, describe, transcribe
15. logy (science) biology, anthropology, geology, mythology
16. dict (say) dictionary, predict, malediction, dictation, contradict
17. cred (believe) credit, incredible, credible, incredulous, discredited
18. cent (one hundred) century, bicentennial, centimeter, centipede
19. neo (new) neologism, neophyte, neon, neonatal
20. ad (to) adhesive, adapt, addendum, addition, adherent
21. cede (go) recede, precede, antecedent, proceed, secede
22. miss (send) dismiss, remiss, missile, admission, missionary
23. centri (center) centrifugal, centripetal, centrist, concentric
24. biblio (book) bibliography, bibliophile, bible, bibliomania, bibliophobia
25. anthropo (man) anthropology, anthropomorphic, anthropoid