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Masonry Contracting Services Sample Proposal
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Robert Downs
Project Manager
Grayson Clarke General Contractors
6810 E. Oak Street
Suite 200
Rochester, NH 93868
Mr. Downs,
Enclosed is our proposal for custom masonry work on the new Granite Valley Resort
We are the masonry experts in this area, with over a decade of experience and more
than 70 successful large-scale projects in our portfolio. We have excellent working
relationships with all the local suppliers of stone and tile, so we guarantee that our prices
are the best and the materials we use are superb.
Please feel free to talk to our previous clients listed on the enclosed References page,
and view photos of our past projects on our portfolio page at:
We know you'll be impressed. The blueprints of the hotel call for a natural look
throughout, and that is precisely our stonework specialty.
The estimate included here is good for 90 days. After reviewing our proposal, please call
to set up a meeting to discuss more details about this project. We look forward to
working with you.
Christian George
Contract Sales
Simon George Masonry
Prepared for: Robert Downs
Project Manager
Prepared by: Christian George
Contract Sales

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