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doc ico   Game Maker

Game Maker requires a modern Pentium PC running Windows 98SE, 2000, Me, XP, or later. A graphics card with at least 16MB of memory is required for most created games. (For simple games an 8MB graphics card is sufficient.) It requires a screen resolution of at least 800x600 and 65000 (16-bit) colors.
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doc ico   Game Maker - teachnetuk.

Version 7.0 of Game Maker has a number of important changes over version 6.1. In particular there is a new extension mechanism. Below the most important changes are described. Incompatibilities. Version 7.0 uses an adapted file format. As a result file names now have the extension .gmk. The new version can though still read .gm6 files created ...
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doc ico   Designing Games with Game Maker

Game Maker. version 5.0 (April 14, 2003) Written by Mark Overmars. Table of Contents. Chapter 1 So you want to create your own computer games 6. Chapter 2 Installation 8. Chapter 3 Registration 9. Chapter 4 The global idea 10. Chapter 5 Let us look at an example 12. Chapter 6 The global user interface 14.
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doc ico   Progettare Videogiochi con Game Maker - Altervista

Game Maker richiede una configurazione basata su un pc moderno dotato di sistema operativo Windows 98SE,2000,Me,XP o successivi. Una scheda grafica con almeno 16mb di ram DirectX 8 compatibile viene richiesta per la maggior parte dei giochi creati. E’ richiesta una risoluzione dello schermo settata almeno a 800x600 e 65000 colori (16-bit).
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doc ico   Rules of the Game discussion Questions

Rules of the Game discussion Questions. 1. What are some "American rules" that Waverly's family adopts? 2. What are some "Chinese rules" that Waverly's family holds on to? 3. Why is Mrs. Jong willing to adopt new American rules so that Waverly can become a chess champion? 4. Why is Waverly drawn to the "elaborate secrets" of chess? 5.
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