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How to do DEA Number lookup by NPI?

DEA Number Lookup by NPI? There are several different ways to verify or look up an applicant’s DEA number. The first step is to ask the practitioner to supply the number; if for some reason, you cannot get it from them or just need to look it up quickly, you can do so through several databases available online such as

How to contact DEA?

DEA Policy Questions should be sent in writingDEA Diversion Control DivisionAttn: Liaison and Policy Section 8701 Morrissette Drive Springfield, VA 22152 Contact the Diversion Control Division

What is a Drug Enforcement Administration number?

The DEA number, however, is often used by the industry as a general "prescriber" number that is a unique identifier for anyone who can prescribe medication. Service is used to validate the correctness of the DRUG number, as internally it contains predefined structure that helps identifying the incorrect or corrupted DRUG numbers.

Where is DEA office located?

DEA offices located in the Southern Cone conduct bilateral investigations; sponsor and conduct counter-narcotics training, to include specific training on clandestine laboratory operations and the diversion of precursor chemicals; participate in intelligence gathering activities; provide assistance in developing drug control laws and ...

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"drug enforcement agency number lookup"

doc ico  MEDIA RELEASE: Maine Drug Enforcement Agency …

A number of area law enforcement agencies assisted MDEA Agents with the execution of the search warrants and arrests. Those agencies include the Bangor and Brewer Police Departments, Hancock County Sheriff's Office and the Maine State Police. "These cases are a striking reminder of the illicit demand for prescription drugs in Maine."

doc ico  Task Force Agent Joey D. Brown, Drug Enforcement …

Special Agent Thomas Slivinski, Maine Drug Enforcement Agency. Deputy Jon Guay, Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office. Trooper Mathew Casavant, Maine State Police. Group 1 Boston. Acting Group Supervisor Special Agent Matthew Deignan - Drug Enforcement Administration .

doc ico  F-5 - Texas Commission on Law Enforcement

9. State 10. Zip Code 11. Phone Number 12. APPOINTMENT(s) (Check all that apply) Peace Officer County / Contract Jailer Telecommunicator Medical Corporation P.O. Public Security Officer Reserve Officer (licensed reserve or conditional only 13. TCOLE Agency Number. 14. Appointing Agency 15.

doc ico  Provider Credentialing & Re-Credentialing

Evidence that the applicant has a current and valid license; Source: Copy of the license and Colorado Department of Regulatory Agency verification. Presence of a valid DEA or CDS certificate if applicable; Source: Copy of DEA Certificate and on-line inquiry via National Technical Information Service/

doc ico  32-2951; Dispensing drugs and devices; conditions; …

5. The dispensing licensee's United States drug enforcement agency number for controlled substances. 6. The date and the printed name and signature of the person who prepares, counts or measures the drug, labels the container or distributes a prepackaged drug to the patient or the patient's representative. G.

doc ico  Medical Review Officer Manual - SAMHSA

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) issued its final rule clarifying control of natural and synthetic tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) effective April 21, 2003 (21 CFR Part 1308). The rule states that it is illegal for anyone to manufacture, distribute or market products used, or intended for use, for human consumption that contain any amount of THC.

doc ico  Media Release

He was taken to the Kennebec County Jail and held on $5000 cash bail. This search and arrest was the culmination of a several month long investigation involving the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, Winthrop Police Department and the Waterville Police Department. More arrests are expected. Maine’s Statewide Drug Task Force. 166 State House Station

doc ico  Commonwealth of Kentucky

Pain management facilities may not employ or contract with any physician who has ever had their Drug Enforcement Agency number revoked, application for a license to prescribe or dispense controlled substances denied or been convicted or a felony involving illicit drugs. The Cabinet for Health & Family Services is charged with promulgating ...

doc ico  Commonwealth of Kentucky

Pain management facilities may not employ or contract with any physician who has ever had their Drug Enforcement Agency number revoked, application for a license to prescribe or dispense controlled substances denied or been convicted or a felony involving illicit drugs. HB 138 prohibits pain management facilities from accepting cash payments.

doc ico  IM-COMMOM Mapping for Fee For Service

DEA-NO DRUG ENFORCEMENT AGENCY NUMBER X(10) CL-PROVIDER.PSCR-PRV-ID CL-PROV-FILLER FILLER X(14) N/A Not applicable to claims. DENTAL. REDEFINE CL-PROC-DATA Not applicable to claims. TPC-CODE TREATMAN PLAN COMPLETE X(1) N/A Not applicable to claims. TOTH-NUM-CD TOOTH NUMBER X(2) N/A Not applicable to claims. OCD-GP(n)

doc ico  The N - North Dakota MMIS Web Portal

Drug Enforcement Agency number (DEA), if applicable. National Council for Prescription Drug Program Number: a unique national identifier for pharmacies, if applicable. Medicare Numbers: group Medicare numbers, individual Medicare numbers. Provider Licensure/Certification and specialty information.

doc ico  These verification resources i...

These verification resources include the Drug Enforcement Agency number (DEA#) and the American Medical Association (AMA) Medical Education Number (ME#). Consumer and physician panel members eligible to participate in the current survey will be contacted through an e-mail invitation from the panel managers which will include a secure, non ...

doc ico  Iii. The authorizing physician...

iii. The authorizing physician’s name, address, and federal Drug Enforcement Agency number; iv. The maximum THC potency level of medical marijuana being recommended; v. The recommended product, if any; vi. The patient’s daily authorized quantity if such quantity exceeds the statutorily allowed amount for the patient’s age; vii. Directions ...


This research consists of administering a web-based panel survey designed to formatively evaluate and refine a number of communication approaches or concepts. The study will examine how different combinations of message elements and executional factors (such as imagery, tone, etc.) impact both the acceptance of key awareness/education themes ...


Pager Number. Professional Addresses: (DO NOT USE P.O. BOX NUMBERS) give number, street, suite number, city, state, Zip Code, and area code and telephone number for each location where you propose to dispense drugs, chemicals and medications. If a medical firm, state name of firm. (Attach additional pages as needed) 1. 2. 3.


Drug-Free Workplace/Drug Screening. RELATED REFERENCES: Americans with Disabilities Act, 42 U.S.C. 12101. Dual Employment (Policy #3.6) FDLE Drug Free. ... The functions of a law enforcement agency require a level of physical fitness not demanded by many other occupations. Members will report for duty at the time and place assigned and will be ...

doc ico  D3dkdvqff0zqx.

3.6.a. The Board shall notify the Board of Medicine, the Board of Osteopathy, and the Board of Pharmacy of those advanced nurse practitioners or certified nurse-midwives who have been granted prescriptive authority, and shall also provide the prescriber's identification number and effective date of prescriptive authority.