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What is the purpose of an effective topic sentence?

An effective topic sentence combines a main idea with the writer's personal attitude or opinion. It serves to orient the reader and provides an indication of what will follow in the rest of the paragraph. Read the following example. Creating a national set of standards for math and English education will improve student learning in many states.

What are complete sentences called?

Sometimes, complete sentences are also called independent clauses. A clause is a group of words that may make up a sentence. An independent clause is a group of words that may stand alone as a complete, grammatically correct thought.

How do you write exercises in a sentence?

Exercise 1 Circle the main idea and underline the controlling idea in each of the following topic sentences. 1. Exercising three times a week is the only way to maintain good physical health. 2. Sexism and racism are still rampant in today's workplace. 3. Raising the legal driving age to twenty-one would decrease road traffic accidents. 4.

How can I improve my sentences?

Sentences are clearer when the subject of the sentence performs the action and is followed by a strong verb. Use strong Page 126 active-voice verbs in place of forms of to be, which can lead to wordiness. Avoid passive voice when you can. Wordy:

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Writing Effective Sentences. Coordination and Subordination. We often combine sentences using "all-purpose" conjunctions such as and or so. However, this practice often leads to ambiguity. Consider the following sentence. Canada has worked as a youth counselor, and he understands what teens face. The meaning of this sentence is not clear.

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Loose and Periodic Sentences (Guided Practice) Adapted from . The. Lively Art of Writing . by Lucile Vaughan Payne . Instruction. Sentences can be divided into three special types: basic, loose, and periodic. A basic sentence. is a simple statement: (1) Stacy is enrolled in psychology. (2) The telephone rang. A . loose sentence

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The most effective writing is a seamless blend of evidence and analysis. Practicing the art of writing interpretive sentences is a great way to cultivate this style. An interpretive sentence essentially consists of an evidence clause linked to analysis clause by a strong verb, such as implies, reveals, or suggests.

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Join simple sentences with a semicolon (;) Example- Exhibiting extremely admirable qualities every day of her life, my outstanding mother-in-law, Virginia Hess, is the woman that I admire, and I strive emulate her daily. Insert APPOSITIVE PHRASES into your sentences- A phrase that follows a noun that gives RENAMES the noun.

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Directions: Change the sentences below to the active voice. 11. The statue is being visited by hundreds of tourists every year. Hundred of tourists visit the statue every year. 12. My books were stolen by someone yesterday. Someone stole my books yesterday. 13. These books had been left in the classroom by a careless student.

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agrees to read the effective expression sections (referenced in this document on pages 7–11) and agree on common instructional strategies to implement as a way to increase students’ effective expression skills applicable to each grade level. For example, all teachers review a grade-level writing sample figure to review and discuss. A

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A. I studied for the exam. Therefore, I will do well. B. I studied for the exam; therefore, I will do well. C. I studied for the exam therefore I will do well. D. All of the above E. None of the above 5. Which of the following contains a sentence fragment? A. I will help you with the homework if you ask me. B. I will help you with the homework ...

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Students should be graded on their ability to explain the reasoning behind the rules of thumb, not on being able to repeat them word-for-word. Students are asked to answer in complete sentences. 1. What is the smallest size font you should use on a PowerPoint presentation? 32pt. 2. Why is it important to use animations and sounds with care?

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SECTION ONE: Fragments, Comma Splices, Fused Sentences. 1.A.His final exam was returned. B.Because she never fully realized how important a physical exam . could be. C.Two hours before the performance, he was nervous. D.After she had made a list of the cleaning supplies which she needed, she left for the store.

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Which is the best way to combine sentences 2 and 3 to improve the essay’s logical progression as well as to help include a variety of sentences? As an owner of a megawatt computer company, he began his journey in his college dorm room which led …

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–list any ideas or thoughts that come to mind about the topic/question. Use words or phrases. These will act as prompts for the paragraphs and sentences of your essay. Then, look at the list and number each point – the . numbers are the order in which you will discuss them in your essay. Planning Diagram –drawing a plan for your essay

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Notice how introducing a short rhetorical question among the longer sentences in the paragraph is an effective means of keeping the reader's attention. In the revised version, the writer combines the choppy sentences at the beginning into one longer sentence, which adds rhythm and interest to the paragraph. ... Students rarely come to the exam ...

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A paragraph is a sentence or group of sentences set off as a unit. Usually all the sentences in a paragraph can be related to a single main idea. The main problems affecting paragraphs are focus and development. A poorly focused paragraph is difficult to understand because there seems to be no relation between the individual sentences.


took the exam The travelers saw a huge stone . castle. perched on the rocky cliff. The . boy. performing a solo on the trumpet is my brother. Swimming with his friend, Frances. made it to the float. Ed’s . sailboat, damaged near the stern, was unusable. SECTION VII: USING PARTICIPIAL PHRASES TO COMBINE SENTENCES


WRITING EFFECTIVE SENTENCES “Efficiency in language creates effectiveness in presentation” Expressing your ideas in skillfully written sentences contributes greatly to the success of your writing as a whole. The following guidelines will help you effectively compose or revise your sentences: A. Add variety to your sentences in these ways ...

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A psychologist wanted to see if a combination of behaviour modification and anger management would be effective in reducing levels of aggression in people given custodial sentences. She selected a sample of 12 prisoners immediately after sentencing and counted the number of aggressive acts of each prisoner over one day.