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Which Enneagram test should I take?

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What is an enneagram test?

enneagram test The enneagram test is a personality test that is often used for self-discovery and personality development. The test is believed to have first been created in fourth-century Alexandria by Evagrius Ponticus. However, Bolivian philosopher Óscar Ichazo is credited with creating the contemporary enneagram test in the 1950s.

What does my Enneagram test result mean?

These factors include: Prenatal factors Your inborn temperament Childhood experiences

What is the Enneagram personality test?

The nine official Enneagram personality types are: The Reformer Reformers are rational idealists. They’re principled, purposeful, self-controlled, and perfectionists. ... The Helper Helpers are the caring, empathetic, and interpersonal type. They’re generous, people-pleasing, and can also be possessive. ... The Achiever Achievers are very driven, success-oriented, pragmatic types. ... More items...

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