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"Example of manuscript for publication"

doc ico   Example – Manuscript Wording

See Endnotes 8-11 and 15 - 18 for a discussion of the ACORD certificate forms. Many insurance companies utilize manuscript additional insured endorsements. A manuscript endorsement is one that an insurance company makes up, which may or may not include some ISO wording.
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doc ico   Sample for Manuscript Delivery Practice

Which skills/part(s) of the speech do you think you can learn and apply in your own manuscript speech for the midterm? Title: Sample for Manuscript Delivery Practice Author: Doris L. W. Chang Last modified by: Doris L. W. Chang Created Date: 11/22/2005 3:30:00 PM Company:
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doc ico   Sample manuscript showing style and formatting …

This document shows the suggested format and appearance of a manuscript prepared for SPIE journals. Accepted papers will be professionally typeset. This template is intended to be a tool to improve manuscript clarity for the reviewers. The final layout of the typeset paper will not match this template layout. 1.1Use of This Template
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doc ico   Title: Example of a correctly formatted manuscript for Journal …

This condition simulated, for example, an application in full coverage of the extract and the botanical inseticide in the field, reaching the adults of the parasitoids and the fruits, and indirectly, probable larvae of the parasitoid inside the larvae of the flies that feed of the fruit pulp.
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doc ico   Sample manuscript showing specifications and style - SPIE

Table 2 shows the font sizes and highlighting in a typical manuscript. These font "styles" are contained with this sample manuscript and Section 4 below explains how to use them. Use Times Roman or another standard font to avoid font errors. *s.; phone 1 222 555-1234; fax 1 222 555-876; Table 2.
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doc ico   Science Manuscript Template

Manuscript Template. Research ... Figures and tables must be called out in numerical order. For example, the first mention of any panel of Fig. 3 cannot precede the first mention of all panels of Fig. 2. ... that there is no conflict of interest regarding the publication of this article.” Submitting authors are responsible for coauthors ...
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doc ico   SPE Manuscript Template

This template is provided to give authors a basic shell for preparing your manuscript for submittal to an SPE meeting or event. Styles have been included (Head1, Head2, Para, FigCaption, etc) to give you an idea of how your finalized paper will look before it is published by SPE. All manuscripts submitted to SPE will be extracted from this ...
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doc ico   Example of letter to Editor - Khon Kaen University

: Thank you for accepting our manuscript for publication. We did not have any information on HLA-A genotypes of the studied population since it has been reported in Han Chinese that the association between HLA-A*3303 and allopurinol-induced SJS/TEN the association was much weaker than those found with the HLA-B*5801{Hung, 2005 #71}.
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doc ico   Manuscript template - Dove Medical Press

One is structured and the other is not. Both should be no more than 300 words. Unstructured abstracts should be given in one paragraph and outline the purpose of the paper, results obtained, and conclusions. Review articles commonly have unstructured abstracts. Original research articles commonly have a structure as follows in the below example.
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doc ico   Manuscripts must be accompanied by a covering letter …

Publication of the accepted manuscript in an online issue is suspended until authorship has been agreed . After the accepted manuscript is published in an online issue. Any requests to add, delete, or rearrange author names in an article published in an online issue will follow the same policies as noted above and result in a corrigendum.
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doc ico   [Insert journal name here] - EdoriumJournals

The manuscript is original work of all authors. All authors made a significant contribution to this study. This manuscript has not been submitted for publication; it has not been accepted for publication and has not been published in any other journal. All authors have read and approved the final version of the manuscript.
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doc ico   Author Services

We believe that this manuscript is appropriate for publication by [journal name] because it… [specific reference to the journal’s Aims & Scope]. _____. [Please explain in your own words the significance and novelty of the work, the problem that is being addressed, and why the manuscript belongs in this journal.
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doc ico   Cover letter - Elsevier

The manuscript is entitled “Preparation of nimodipine microspheres contained in a solid dispersion and evaluation of their in vitro and in vivo characteristics”. It has not been published elsewhere and that it has not been submitted simultaneously for publication elsewhere. ... a bigger one as shown in the example, then the different parts ...
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doc ico   IRJET-International Research Journal of Engineering and …

Preparation of Manuscript. Margins : Top 0.5” Bottom 0.5” Left 0.5” Right 0.5” Margin : Narrow Font Cambria / 10 pt Title of paper : 16 Point Heading 13 Point Sub Heading :12 Point Spacing Single line spacing Irjet template sample paragraph Irjet template sample paragraph.
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With the submission of this manuscript I would like to undertake that: All authors of this Article (paper) have directly participated in the planning, execution, or analysis of this study; All authors of this paper have read and approved the final version submitted; The contents of this manuscript have not been copyrighted or published previously;
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EXPERIMENT IN THE HERA ACCELERATOR. J. Schaffran1, and G. Falley1 . 1Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron (DESY) Hamburg, 22607, Germany. ABSTRACT. The warm-up procedure of …
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