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doc ico   Sample Fiscal Agent Agreement - Minnesota

The fiscal Agent hereby agrees to sponsor the Project and to assume administrative, programmatic, financial and legal responsibility for the purposes of the requirements of the funding organization. The Operating Entity agrees to implement and operate the Project, in accordance with the terms of this agreement and with the terms and conditions ...
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doc ico   Financial Power of Attorney - Montana

(3)if I was named as a successor agent, the prior agent is no longer able or willing to serve; and (4)Insert any other relevant statements. SIGNATURE AND ACKNOWLEDGMENT, , Agent’s Name. Agent’s Address. Line 2: City and State. Agent’s Telephone Number. STATE OF . County of . This document was acknowledged before me on day of, 20 by ...
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doc ico   Agreement on investments

If the provisions of law of either Contracting Party or obligations under international law existing at present or established hereafter between the Contracting Parties in addition to the present Agreement contain rules, whether general or specific, entitling investors or investments of investors of one Contracting Party to a treatment more ...
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doc ico   CLIENT SERVICE AGREEMENT - Financial planners

This letter outlines the specific terms of the financial planning engagement between: John Smith CFP®, Mr. and Ms. Client Name. CLIENT SERVICE AGREEMENT. Scope of Services. This agreement sets out the terms and conditions of our ongoing professional relationship with you and on which we will provide you with financial planning services.
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doc ico   CLIENT ENGAGEMENT LETTER - Wealth Link Financial Services

Working with John Agent of AA Financial Sevices Inc. Who I am. I am licensed for life and health insurance in the province of Ontario. I specialize in family and business protection strategies involving life insurance, critical illness insurance, disability …
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doc ico   The Click here to enter text - Illinois

IL Procurement Gateway: Financial Disclosures and Conflicts of Interest Form for Parent Entity V.14.1 This Financial Disclosures and Conflicts of Interest Form must be accurately completed and submitted by the Parent Entity with 100% ownership of the Vendor applying for or holding registration within the Illinois Procurement Gateway.
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doc ico   Template - Service Level Agreement - Fasset

FASSET is seeking to appoint a suitably qualified and experienced service provider to provide FASSET with an MIS system and various Financial, Accounting, Administrative systems and related services as detailed in the Service Definition (This document - Annexure A) and Service Level Agreement (Annexure B) documents.
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doc ico   Application for Prequalification: Statement of Experience, …

Submit the completed application to the Illinois Department of Transportation, 2300 South Dirksen Parkway, Bureau of Construction: Room 322, Springfield, IL 62764. Phone: (217) 782-3413 General Questions
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doc ico   Agent Examination of Identification Form

Signature of Notary or Solicitor (acting as an agent) Name (please print) Date: APPENDIX “A” - LIST OF ACCEPTABLE IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENTS. AND THE DEFINITION OF A POLITICALLY EXPOSED PERSON. Obtain one piece of government-issued photo identification (federal, provincial, or territorial) from List A.
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doc ico   Illinois Statutory Short Form Durable Power of Attorney for …

Your agent must keep a record of all receipts, disbursements, and significant actions taken as your agent. Unless you specifically limit the period of time that this Power of Attorney will be in effect, your agent may exercise the powers given to him or her throughout your lifetime, both before and after you become incapacitated. A court ...
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doc ico

VI – Financial Agent Services; VII – Assets Management; VIII – Retail Brokerage. Paragraph 1 – The Retail business line includes retail-related credit portfolio classified operations, as prescribed by Circular 3360, of September 12, 2007, and real estate homing credit operations. Paragraph 2 – The Commercial business line includes:
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doc ico   Microsoft Word - Carta-Circular 3315.doc

YEAR 1 YEAR 2 YEAR 3 06/30/2008 12/31/2007 06/30/2007 12/31/2006 06/30/2006 12/31/2005 Financial intermediation income 100.00 120.00 110.00 120.00 120.00 130.00 Income from services rendered 50.00 80.00 60.00 60.00 70.00 80.00 Financial intermediation expenses 10.00 12.00 12.00 14.00 10.00 11.00 Subtotal 140.00 188.00 158.00 166.00 180.00 199 ...
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doc ico   Institute of Public Accountants

Re: Engagement of Y/Y Firm as your BAS Agent. Confirming our discussions of <date>we/I [use “we” when talking of the firm/practice and “I” when referring to the principal or if a sole trader] are pleased to accept appointment as your BAS Agent for the 20XX/20XX year and beyond. This document sets out the terms of our/my engagement with you.
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doc ico   FSN) Network

Is interested in obtaining the services of a clearing and forwarding agent to manage the transport and handling of these commodities from the port of _____ to their final destinations; Whereas . C&F Agent. ... Annex B: Final Financial Offer. Annex C-1: UN 1267 Committee List on Al-Qaida and the Taliban and Associated Individuals and Entities ...
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doc ico   Microsoft Word - FORM OF PAYING AGENT AGREEMENT

The County shall provide for the proper registration of transfer, exchange and replacement of the Bonds. Every Bond surrendered for transfer or exchange shall be duly endorsed or be accompanied by a written instrument of transfer, the signature of which has been guaranteed by an eligible guarantor institution, in a form acceptable to the County, duly executed by the …
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doc ico   Forms A Section V.18.1 - Illinois

To contract award or prior to bid opening for construction or construction-related services. 775 ILCS 5/2-101. ... 100 West Randolph Street, Suite 10-100, Chicago, IL 60601. A person, other than an individual acting as a sole proprietor, must be a duly constituted legal entity prior to submitting a bid, offer, or proposal. ... director, partner ...
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doc ico   CONSULTANT AGREEMENT - Pace University

Consultant shall be permitted to engage in any business and perform services for its own accounts, provided that the Work is not compromised. ... Portability and Accountability Act with respect to medical records; the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act with respect to student financial information; and applicable provisions of paragraphs (1) through (7) of ...
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MINUTES OF BOARD MEETING No. 2584 (02.16.11): A meeting of the Board of Directors of BANCO PATAGONIA S.A. was held on February 16, 2011 at the offices located at Tte Gral Juan D. Perón 500, City of Buenos Aires.
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