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doc ico   Steps to enable Java in web browser - MCA

Steps to enable Java in web browser. Platform(s): Windows 7, Windows 8 Browser (s): IE 9, IE 10, IE 11 and Firefox 41 . Applets do not run because Java is not enabled. Please do the following configurations in your machine’s to let IE 9+ to allow Java Applets for DSC Selection.
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doc ico   Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2022 - more …

As we pray today for the unity of the Church, may we all journey together to meet Jesus the Saviour, the light of the world. Glory be to you Father Almighty, for you have revealed yourself through your creation and invite all people to gather in your presence. We have seen the star of Jesus in our lives and have come to worship him just as the ...
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doc ico   What is an authoring tool?

In line with our mission to promote reusability and interoperability in eLearning, ADL recommends authoring tools with built-in features that allow creating SCORM®-conformant eLearning.
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doc ico   Home | Finance Division

In Firefox, click on the menu button towards the top right hand edge of screen and click ‘Settings’ Scroll down to the ‘Applications’ sub-section To the right of the option ‘JNLP file’, click on the drop down menu and select ‘Use Java(TM) Web Launcher (default)’
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doc ico   ROOTS OF UNITY - Stanford University

First of all, if m and n are relatively prime, then the primitive (mn)th roots of unity are products of the primitive mth roots of unity and the primitive nth roots of unity. Thus, we only need to construct the primitive pd-th roots for primes p. The case p = 2 is the simplest. The primitive square root of 1 is –1.
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