Question About 'Military surplus ak 47 magazines'

Is AK 47 still the best rifle?

The AK 47 is obviously the best sniper rifle. It was never the "BEST", what it is though is good enough for a large military force that is working to arm a crap load of guys for the lowest amount of logistic hassle. It jams to the same percentage.

How many bullets are in an AK 47 magazine?

The standard magazine capacity for both the AK-47 and M16 type rifles is 30 rounds, although lower and higher capacity magazines are available for both systems. However, the single most limiting factor in terms of firepower is the amount of ammunition that a soldier can carry.

Can you buy AK 47 in the US?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to buy a semi automatic ak-47 in the us. It is even legal to buy a fully automatic AK-47 in the us as long as it was imported before 1986 and you pay for the nfa tax stamp before you take possession. I wish it was, but unfortunately, the real AK rifles are banned, almost.

Are AK 47 legal in Maryland?

Maryland’s ban outlaws “assault long guns,” mostly semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15 and AK-47, as well as large-capacity magazines, which prevent the need for frequent reloading.

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"military surplus ak 47 magazines"

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During six years service with the French Foreign Legion a good proportion of that time spent in Africa, I got a lot of experience with AK47’s/AKM’s. This experience was complimented in the early 1990’s with more AK time while serving in the ‘Explosive Ordnance Disposal’ squadron of the British Army reserve.

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