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How to access your .Minecraft folder on the computer?

To access your forge folder, click your desktop or open finder and hold down Command+Shift+G at the same time. Then paste ~/library/Application Support/minecraft and hit enter. Then, check the versions folder as well as the mods folder (look for "fml") for the Forge files. Thanks!

How do you open a folder in Minecraft?

Method 1 Method 1 of 2: Installing with Minecraft Forge (With Mods) Update Minecraft if necessary. You'll need to be running the latest version of Minecraft if you want to install the latest OptiFine. Go to This is the official download page for OptiFine. Click Download. ... Click the Download link. ... Open your Minecraft mods folder. ... More items...

How to open your .Minecraft folder?

Minecraft Download Article 1 Open Minecraft. Click "Options..." 2 Click "Resource Packs or Texture Packs..." 3 Click "Open resource/texture pack folder". 4 Click ".minecraft". This should be in the address bar at the top of the new window that opened. 5 Choose the folder you wish to access. Method 2 Windows 8 Download Article 1 Press ⊞ Win + R.

How to get to the Minecraft folder?

To find the Minecraft data folder on Windows, hold down the Windows key (usually a picture of the Windows logo, and typically between the Control and Alt key, usually to the left of the space bar) and then press the R key without letting go. A box should pop up, titled “Run”. In that box, you need to type %appdata%.

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"minecraft directory folder"

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