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Why your business need a mobile device management?

Why does your business need mobile device management? Enhances security. ... Enables remote management of mobile devices. ... Helps increase productivity. ... Regulatory compliance. ... Cost-effective. ... Provides real-time support. ... Controls devise updates. ... Do you want to read more on this topic? ...

Does your company need mobile device management?

Mobility brings many benefits to the workplace, enhancing employee productivity by allowing employees to work anywhere and anytime. Although, with this enhanced productivity comes the threat of reduced security and greater corporate responsibility, which is where mobile device management (MDM) comes in.

Why mobile device management is important for your business?

To configure and publish their policies and processes, enterprises will ask questions, such as: Do devices need passcode protection? Should cameras be disabled by default? Is Wi-Fi connectivity important? What customization options will the device provide? Do certain devices need to be geo-fenced?

What is the best tool for mobile device management?

Cisco Meraki. Perhaps one of the most well-known MDM platforms, Cisco Meraki allows you to manage every type of device in your business from one dashboard. IBM MaaS360. IBM entered the MDM market following its acquisition of Fiberlink Communications back in 2013. ... Hexnode MDM. ... Soti MobiControl. ... Citrix Endpoint Management. ... VMware Workspace ONE. ... Next Steps. ...

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"mobile device management companies"

doc ico  AirWatch Mobile Device Management User FAQ

Oct 27, 2016 · AirWatch is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) service that will allow us to provide better security for smartphones, tablets and most mobile devices that will connect to the WUSM-Secure WiFi network. Why do we . need the AirWatch service? As mobile devices become increasingly powerful tools, so does their use in the work-place.

doc ico  S. Mobile and Non-State Device Agreement Form

Mobile and Non-State Device Agreement. Please read carefully prior to signing. Please place the completed, signed form on file with the employee’s Agency Information Security Officer (ISO) or ISO designee. Employees cannot be coerced to use personal . d. evice. s, and management cannot require any employee use personal. d. evice. s. to ...

doc ico  Mobile Device Policy - Colorado Department of …

Mobile Device Management (MDM) will be used to enforce common security standards and configurations on devices ... Periodic security reminders may be used to reinforce mobile device security procedures. MDM software is used to manage risk, limit security issue, and reduce costs and business risks related to mobile devices. The software shall ...

doc ico  Mobile Device Use Policy - DriveStrike

Any other mobile device capable of storing corporate data and connecting to a network. In order to enforce security and remote device management, only devices that meet the following criteria are allowed to access corporate resources: Smartphones, tablets, and other devices running Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread) and higher.

doc ico  Mobile Identification Device Information - MemberClicks

Mobile Identification Device Information (This section to be completed by agency) Agency Name: Administrator #1 Name: Email Address: Phone number: Administrator #2 Name: Email Address: Phone number: Number of Devices: (If more than one please list all devices below) Device Manufacturer: DataWorks Plus Device Model number: Evolution

doc ico  Sample Mobile Device Security Policy - OMIC

All mobile device users are responsible for following this policy. Anyone observing what appears to be a breach of security, violation of this policy, violation of state or federal law, theft, damage, or any action that might place company resources at risk must immediately report the incident to an appropriate-level supervisor, manager, or ...

doc ico  Asset Management Policy - CDE

Asset management is the process of receiving, tagging, documenting, and eventually disposing of equipment. It is critically important to maintain up to date inventory and asset controls to ensure computer equipment locations and dispositions are well known. Lost or stolen equipment often contains sensitive data.

doc ico  Sophos Example Mobile Device Policy

Sample Mobile Device Security Policy. Using this policy. One of the challenges facing IT departments today is securing both personal and corporate-owned mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. This sample policy is. intended to act as a guideline for organizations looking to implement or update their mobile. device security policy.

doc ico  Handheld devices audit checklist - SANS Institute

Device alarms if system files or registry settings are modified. Integrity methods prevent security incidents from spreading to other devices and into the network. 8 Centralized Management Organization implements a centralized management system for handheld devices. Default settings and passwords removed.

doc ico  Sample Project Plan - SEARCH

Jul 10, 2003 · Mid and upper management will foster support and “buy-in” of project goals and objectives. The City will ensure the existence of a technological infrastructure that can support the new mobile technology. All project participants …

doc ico  Use and Return of Company Equipment - NFP

During employment, employees may be issued company property including a computer, laptop, cell phone, printer, pager, or hand held mobile device. Employees are expected to take proper precautions to care for company equipment. Upon termination, employees are expected to return all company equipment in proper working order.

doc ico  UoR Report - University of Reading

4.4All University owned mobile devices shall (where possible) be enrolled in the centrally managed mobile device management solution/s. 4.5The University reserves the right to prevent any device access to the University network or its services if it is considered a risk. 4.6Mobile devices shall be encrypted where possible and appropriate to do so.

doc ico  Home - Education Bureau

Mobile Device Management (MDM) System for managing the proposed mobile computer device. 1-year. 2-year. 3-year. 3. Extend the basic hardware warranty up to 3 years < Notes for Schools: Some h. ardware . m. anufacturers do offer . protection plan. to extend . …

doc ico  IT Policies and Procedures Manual Template

Employees when using personal devices for business use will register the device with {insert relevant job title or department here}. {insert relevant job title or department here} will record the device and all applications used by the device. Personal mobile devices can only be used for the following business purposes:

doc ico  Definitions - PurpleSec

Apr 30, 2021 · The use of a {COMPANY-NAME} supported mobile device by the User for {COMPANY-NAME} business is a privilege granted to the User, by management approval, per the {COMPANY-NAME} Owned Mobile Device Acceptable Use and Security Policy. If the User does not abide by the terms, IT Management reserves the right to revoke the privilege granted herein.

doc ico  Managing the SAP Concur Mobile App - iPhone, iPad, Android

Nov 15, 2021 · To determine the most current version of the mobile app, refer the . Version Information. section of the most recent mobile Release Notes, which are available in the SAP Concur Customer support portal. Note the following: If the current mobile app on your mobile device is older than the two latest versions, you will be notified - through a ...

doc ico  MOBILE PHONE POLICY - Spark Digital

In this instance please instead read and agree to the mobile device policy for . employee-owned. mobile devices. Corporate p. lan [Delete / amend as required the below device and support details] The company will provide you with a corporate plan suitable for your device and role. The standard mobile plan will allow: [Unlimited] calls ...


During the term of Employee’s employment with [Company], [Company] will reimburse Employee $____ per month to compensate Employee for the cost of Employee’s Mobile Device service plans. Employee understands that [Company] treats this amount as income that is taxable to Employee. [Alternative Language: Company-Provided Mobile Device.