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doc ico   PCC Career/Technical Programs

More info about Holland Codes on the last page. Holland Code PCC Career/Technical Programs Realistic ... Career Resource Center, PCC Sylvania Campus, CC-216, 503.977.4470 or 503.977.4891. September 2009. Title: PCC Career/Technical Programs Author: PCC Employee Last modified by:
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doc ico   Award Title and Program Titles/Codes - Oswego

Career & Technical Education 29771 . Family & Consumer Science Education 7-12 25258 . Health Careers Education 7-12 25259 ... Agricultural Subjects 7–12 25255 Graduate Award Title and Program Titles/Codes for . Curriculum and Instruction and Technology Education majors. For all MAT/MSED/MST graduates, your Area of Interest is Classroom ...
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doc ico   0343 – Management and Program Analyst

At the GS-09 level, the duties increase in complexity compared to the GS-0343-07. The GS-0343-09 duties focus on gathering and organizing narrative and statistical information by using established methods, techniques, and precedents, such as questionnaires, interviews, and review of computer data, and by comparison of past, present, and related program functions.
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doc ico   0301 - Miscellaneous Administration and Program Series

0301 - Miscellaneous Administration and Program Series. Author: DHHS Created Date: 08/15/2013 07:51:00 Title: 0301 - Miscellaneous Administration and Program Series Subject: Career Guide Keywords: 0301, Administration and Program Last modified by: Zhou, Xi (OS/ASA/OCIO/OEAD) Company:
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doc ico   11 - Home | US Forest Service

11.21 - Supervisory Career Ladders. Career ladders may be established for positions designated as supervisory under the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) General Schedule Supervisory Guide (GSSG) or 5 U.S.C. 7103(a) (10), when all of the following criteria are met: 1.
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doc ico   Processing Requests for Personnel Actions (RPAs)

See BOXI report AR-DCIPS-GG-GM-SUPV-MGR-POSN (includes supervisory codes 2, 4, and 5). ... 4. Target Grade Positions (Career Ladder). Employees in the Army Intelligence community who were hired into a entry/developmental career ladder position with target grade at the full performance level prior to conversion to DCIPS pay bands shall be ...
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doc ico   Chapter 1

United States Army. Civilian Acculturation Program - Pilot. Standard Operating P. rocedures. As of: 9 September 2014. Disclaimer: This document is intended only to improve the internal management of the U.S. Army Civilian Acculturation Pilot Program and is not intended to, and does not, create any right to administrative or judicial review, or any other right, substantive or …
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doc ico   Competitive Levels - U.S. Department of the Treasury

GS-343, Management and Program Analysis Series . NOTE: Although there are a variety of codes listed below for this series, CLC 2480 is a general code which should cover most Nonsupervisory Management Analyst positions in a specific competitive area; CLC 2485 is the corresponding codes for supervisory positions.
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doc ico   Appendix E - Ohio Department of Education

The district employing the career assessment specialist is required to report the “305003” program code for students who receive career assessment services and the employee ID of the career assessment specialist in the Employee ID Element on the Student Program Record in the October (K) reporting period and in the Yearend (N) reporting period.
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doc ico   Project Name/Title - Connecticut

REGIONAL PERFORMANCE INCENTIVE PROGRAM APPLICATION/PROPOSAL. The objective of the Regional Performance Incentive Program (RPIP) is to encourage municipalities to participate in voluntary regional shared services projects that have the potential to lower tax property burdens, produce measurable economies of scale, provide desired or required public services, …
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doc ico   Federal Cybersecurity Coding Structure - NIST

Oct 20, 2018 · Table 2, on pages 12-20, contains a crosswalk of the now-obsolete 2013 2-digit cybersecurity codes with the 2017 3-digit cybersecurity codes. We note that the previous 2-digit coding is just a point of reference for agencies as they become familiar with the new codes.
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doc ico   Category Rating and Selection Procedures

Nov 03, 2010 · If you meet the basic Office of Personnel Management (OPM) qualification requirements, we will further evaluate your application and supporting documents to determine the quality and extent of your experience, education, training, etc., for placement in one of the following categories: ... Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program (ICTAP ...
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doc ico   PRIORITY PLACEMENT PROGRAM (PPP) - Defense Logistics …

(1) Current career, career-conditional, or excepted service (includes VRA and special handicapped appointments) employees serving in Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the U.S. (2) Family members with personal competitive status whose overseas employment ended not earlier than 90 days before the sponsor’s scheduled return to the U.S.
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doc ico   EMIS Reporting Instructions - Ohio Department of Education

Appendix E: Student Program Codes. Version 1.0. September 2, 2009 Appendix E Revision History. Version Change Description 1.0 646 Modified/added language to Adaptive and Related Services Program Codes and definitions, deleted program codes 215005, 215014, 215016, 215019, 215024, and 215025, and added new program codes 215026 and 215027.
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doc ico   New employee orientation checklist

Identify short / long term training requirements (CES, SDC, Career Program, AR 350-1 required training as well as organizational training, etc.) Accept request in ACT as supervisor for new employee. Arrange for employee to meet the Career Program representative DATE: _____ Meet with new employee to review and finalize performance objectives ...
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Students appointed to the Student Career Employment Program (SCEP) who are converted to career or career conditional appointments in the competitive service may have the time spent on the SCEP appointment credited towards the probationary period provided it meets the requirements of 5 CFR 315.802 (i.e. same agency, same line of work, and no ...
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- Completion of licensing requirements through a program not defined by codes 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, or 9. 3 - Reciprocal licensing based on completion of an education program that follows NASDTEC guidelines. 4 - Reciprocal licensing through an interstate licensing contract. 5 - Completion of special requirements for licensing in career-technical ...
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I analyze regulations to determine impact on program procedures and management using AFI33-360 AND AFMAN33-361. STANDARDS: A. Routinely receives and analyzes publications as well as forms prescribed in new and revised prescribing publications; noting information and data that need to be collected and recorded as departmental forms.
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