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What are 100 random facts?

120 Random Facts That Will Make You the Most Interesting Person in the Room 2 The letter 'x' was first used to represent a kiss in 1763. ... 25 The McDonald's in Sedona, Arizona, is the only one in the world with turquoise arches instead of golden ones. ... 31 When the FIFA World Cup trophy was stolen in 1966, it was found by a dog named Pickles. ... More items...

What is the randomest fact you know?

Random Facts That Almost Nobody Knows 1. The Tallest Mountain On Earth? Everest has nothing on this.. The Nepalese mountain might get all the attention, but Mauna Kea in Hawaii is actually technically the tallest mountain in the world…if you measure from base to summit (rather than from the sea level.The only thing holding Mauna Kea back is that it’s mostly under water.

Did you know hilarious facts?

☺ 72 Funny Facts That’ll Get You Laughing! ☺ 1. A primate once ran an English town. Hartlepool, UK, once elected a football mascot – a monkey – as its mayor. He beat... 2. One to try at home. Did you know – it’s impossible to lick your elbow. You’re probably trying it, anyway! 3. Cows have their own ...

Did you know weird facts?

[Did you know?]- Valentine's Day Facts ... your heart on your sleeve” originated from Valentine’s Day tradition. One of the most interesting facts about Valentine’s Day takes us back to the Middle Ages when Emperor Claudius II declared marriage ...

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What duties did the applicant perform? A lot of research, mainly on security/political/economic risks in Western Europe. What observations are you able to make with regard to the applicant's work ethic, intellect, degree of motivation for professional achievement, and potential for professional growth? Work ethic is extraordinary, as is motivation.

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Many of you love to choose classic girl dog names and some are love to choose modern dog names. Somethings are just better unknown. In 2002 I recall the day I heard Merlin Santana had been shot in the head while sitting in a car in California. What I didn't know was the details surrounding his case. Or I had forgotten.

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If a single student is selected at random and you know she has a dog, what is the probability she also has a cat? a. 0.04b. 0.12 c. 0.22 d. 0.25 e. 0.75 _____47. The probability of a randomly selected adult having a rare disease for which a diagnostic test has been developed is 0.001. The diagnostic test is not perfect.

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Genetic drift is the change of allelic frequencies in the gene pool due to random sampling. This simulation will explore how sample size can influence the effect on genetic drift on the gene pool. -Note: The two types of genetic drift, population bottlenecks, and the founder effect are not suggested vocabulary words in the HSSCE companion document.

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Foreign exchange rates are a random walk over a short interval such as a week because changes in the exchange rate are unpredictable. If a change were predictable, large unexploited profit opportunities would exist in the foreign exchange market. ... The governors know that their bureaucratic power can be reined in by congressional legislation ...

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For our purposes, whatever definition of listening we choose we must know that (1) listening can be learned, (2) that listening is an active process, involving mind and body, with verbal and ...

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You deprioritize hobbies, leisure activities, and exercise because of your work. ... While there are some things that only career scientists would know, there are many more basic scientific facts that we learned in school and retained to thi. ... which is why these games are so popu. Answer random questions and compete against other people in ...

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Random: The data come from a random sample of size n from the population of interest or a randomized experiment. This condition is very important. ... Suppose you know that the distribution of finishing times for a certain crossword puzzle has a mean of 25 minutes, a standard deviation of 8 minutes, and is moderately skewed left. ...

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We want to know the probability that the average weight of 10 randomly selected people is more than 200 pounds. _____ c. Weights of adults are approximately Normally distributed with mean 150 lbs and stdev 25 lbs. We want to know the probability that the average weight of 50 randomly selected people is more than 200 pounds. _____ d.

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Bamboo is an amazing plant. Did you know it is actually a grass? In fact giant bamboo is the largest member of the grass family. Some types can grow an incredible ninety centimetres in just one day. Some bamboo plants can grow to over thirty metres tall, which is as tall as a gum tree.

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Describe how effective your study habits are in relation to what you have learned in this chapter on spacing effect, testing effect, and generation effect. 4. …

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How did the author let you know that the cow or the dog or the duck was saying something? Have students come up to the board to underline the words that are inside of the quotation marks. Use two fingers on each hand to emphasize the sign for quotes. Teach this to the students.

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A random sample of n = 900 observations is selected from a population with ( = 100 and ( = 10. a. ... Did you have to know ( to answer part . b? Explain. ANSWERS. 6.36(3 points) Research on eating disorders. Refer to The American Statistician (May 2001) study of female students who suffer from bulimia, presented in Exercise 2.38 (p. 48). Recall ...

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Aug 28, 2011 · The House on Mango Street, New York: Random House, 1984. ... Do you know someone who has a cousin like the guys who drove the big yellow Cadillac? Describe a person you know who most reminds you of Marin (e.g., who is secretive, a dreamer, and the older girl in the neighborhood.