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pdf ico   A Further Note on Chinese Population Statistics

514 Chinese Population Statistics proportion surviving to age 22.5) would be lowest for cohorts born in periods of high infant and child mortality, namely in the years before 1965, and espe-cially in 1960 and 1961. The ratio would rise as the increased fraction estimated as surviving to age 22 in the later years of the century reflected the reduced
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pdf ico   Chinese Urban Population Estimates - JSTOR

Struction Statistics No. 7 (Provincial Government of Taiwan China, 1966), pp. 230-37. 8 The source for 1953 census data on Chinese cities is N. R. Chen, Chinese Economic Statistics: A Hand-book for Mainland China (Chicago: Aldine, 1967). A copy of the population and area statistics used in Figure 1 is available from the authors.
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pdf ico   Chinese Statistics - JSTOR

Chinese Statistics GREGORY C. CHOW* This article points out that the development of statistics in China is a part of the modernization process. It reviews the ... tical Yearbook, mention should be made of the population data and the family budget data. The Chinese government conducted censuses of the population in the years 1953,
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pdf ico   Population Statistics of Ming China - JSTOR

Population Statistics of Ming China By OTTO BERKELBACH VAN DER SPRENKEL I. Introduction. II. The Empire as a Whole. III. The Provinces. IV. Estimating Population according to Numbers of Li. ... their figures and indeed of Chinese statistics in general. A great deal of scepticism has been, and still is, expressed on this point. To take a single ...
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pdf ico   Chinese Population by County, Island and Census …

Statistics and Data Support Branch. Hawaii State Data Center. Chinese population by county, island and census tract in the State of Hawaii: 2010. Honolulu: 2012. Hawaii State Data Center Report Number 2010-8. 1. Ethnic groups-Hawaii-Statistics. 2. Census districts-Hawaii-Statistics. 3. United States -- Census, 2010.
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pdf ico   The Population Statistics of China, A.D. 2-1953 - JSTOR

The Population Statistics of China, A.D. 2-1953 By J o HN D. DU R A N D The earliest census mentioned in Chinese histories is said to have been taken during the reign of Yu the Great, founder of the Hia dynasty, which was supposed to have ruled a part of northern China at some uncertain time in remote antiquity,Created Date: 20160806142414Z
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pdf ico   Chinese and Chinese-American Health Statistics, …

Chinese, Chinese-Americans and general population differ. More international research must be conducted to determine the underlying risk factors. China is the most populous country in the world, with a population of 1.4 billion people, comprising 18% of the world’s population.1 Chinese Americans are the
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pdf ico   Design and Implementation of Chinese Population Data …

Problem. The population problem has a pivotal impact on my country's economy, society, politics and other aspects. China is a populous country with a population of 1.3 billion. The population has been growing, and it is expected to reach about 1.4 billion in 2035 [1-2]. At present, China's population is facing many problems.
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pdf ico   The Problem of Chinese Statistics - Central …

Knowledge of one's age is usually characteristic of a literate population. Peasants in backward societies seldom know their exact age. The Chinese system of reckoning age, which considers all infants to be one year old at birth and two years old with the coming of the Chinese new year, further complicates things. Very likely a Chinese will know the
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pdf ico   The Asian Population in the United States: Results from the …

Nicholas A. Jones, Chief, Racial Statistics Population Division, U.S. Census Bureau Presentation for the 2010 Asian Profile America Event May 2, 2012 (Washington, DC) ... (Reflects where the Chinese population was one of the top five detailed Asian groups within the 20 metros with the largest Asian alone-or-in-combination population) Source ...
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pdf ico   Historical Census Statistics on Population Totals by …

And/or more recent than historical census statistics published in reports from the decennial census of population or in Historical Statistics of the United States: Colonial Times to 1970 (U.S. Bureau of the Census, 1975a). Population of States and Counties of the United States: 1790 - 1990, by Richard L. Forstall. U.S. Bureau of the Census.
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pdf ico   The 1910 Census of the Population of China - JSTOR

Part of the report on the population is evidently the early returns 1) The only chinese census prior to that of 1910, in which households are divided into two classes, chewig hu and 'a hu, is that made by order of the Ministry of the Interior of the population of Peking, and published in the Cheng-chih-kuan-pao of September 1. 1908.
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pdf ico   An Analysis of Recent Data on the Population of China - JSTOR

Population of China Judith Banister From the late 1950s through the 1970s, confusion and disagreement over the basic facts of China's population situation abounded, largely because the Chinese government did not release collected population data. Those few local demographic statistics that were reported covered model
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pdf ico   China’s Demographic Outlook to 2040 and Its Implications

The under-50 population is set to decline by a roughly comparable magnitude. This means China is set to experience an extraordinarily rapid surge of popu-lation aging, with especially explosive population growth for the 65-plus group, even as its working-age population (conventionally defined as the age 15–64 group) progressively shrinks.
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pdf ico   Profile of New York City s Chinese Americans - Asian …

Chinese median household income was $50,577, less than the $53,373 median for the enire city populaion. Median family income was $50,889 for Chinese and $59,285 for city residents as a whole. Addiionally, Chinese per capita income was $26,828 –signiicantly less than $33,078 citywide. Poverty The poverty rates for Chinese residents in relaion ...
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pdf ico   China in 2030: The Future Demographic - WikiLeaks

population of teenagers and young adults 14-24 years will drop by 37.9 million or 17.3%. Population Past, Present and Future China in 2030 Age Structure of the Population at a Glance: 1980-2030 (Each dot represents a single-year age group) Source: Euromonitor International from national statistics/UN
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pdf ico   China’s Demographic Outlook to 2040 and Its …

1.0 in the early 1990s), China’s population would be on track to peak in about a decade (circa 2028 or 2029) and shrink at an accelerating tempo thereafter.
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pdf ico   A Demographic Snapshot: NYC's Asian and Pacific Islander …

The Chinese population is more dispersed throughout the City with 43 percent living in Queens, 35 percent in Brooklyn, and 18 percent in Manhattan. Flushing, Community District (CD) 7 1 is home to the largest number of Chinese immigrants in the City (70,000), more than double the number in Manhattan’s Chinatown (32,000). There are
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pdf ico   STATISTICS SINGAPORE - Profile of the Singapore Chinese …

Social Statistics Section Singapore Department of Statistics INTRODUCTION The Singapore society is made up of different ethnic groups who originate mainly from Southeast Asia, China, India and the European countries. Today, the Chinese comprised 77 per cent of the Singapore resident population, the Malays 14 per cent and the Indians 8 per cent.
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Number of Chinese total U.S. population % of Chinese in general population. Example: 105,465 50,155,783 % of Chinese in U.S. population in 1880 1B. To figure what number of people in your class represents the percent of Chinese in the total population of 1880 or 1990, multiply the total number of students by the percent of Chinese in the ...
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