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"Concur business purpose example"

pdf ico   Business Expense Reimbursement Policy - Examples

Business Expense supported by Endowment or Grant, Description Example: For an expense supported by an endowment or grant, the business purpose is the intent of the endowment fund or grant. An example of this documentation would be: Date Description 10/4/10 John’s Scientific Equipment, Long Beach, CA, Digital scale item AB1234.
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pdf ico   Trip Business Purpose Terms and Definitions - Travel Help

Another trip business purpose. Research For any travel relating to research. This may include faculty, students, or staff travel. Student Academic Pursuit For students traveling specifically for academic purposes (Must be approved by Financial Aid) Student Group For student group travel
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pdf ico   Business Purposes - College of Agriculture & Natural …

Expense placed on a pro-card, the business purpose should clearly state on what we are spending these funds. General: “Purchased supplies to support my MSUE GMI work.” “Purchased curriculum in support of my Lacina Grant.” “Purchased postage for 4 -H newsletter mailing.” “Purchased postage for general office mailings.” Conference :
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pdf ico   Business Purpose and Justifications April 2011 - CMU

business was discussed or conducted at the meet and greet, the expense type used is Unallowable. Another example to point out is the Meals Self/Others. Because university business was discussed and this was the reason for the dinner -time get together, the expense can be charged to the Meals Self/Others expense type rather than Unallowable.
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pdf ico   Sponsored by: The Business Value of Concur Invoice

Suppliers. The ability to deploy business-ready solutions that improve back-office efficiency and reduce time-to -cash is making businesses of all sizes far more competitive. In fact, companies risk being left behind if they do not modernize their business processes with cloud software. Invoice management software is a perfect example as ...
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pdf ico   Providing Detailed Business Purpose/Justification for …

Business purpose standards help ensure that the benefit to the institution and compliance with regulatory requirements is clearly documented and can be understood by both internal and external reviewers (e.g. managers, auditors, IRS, etc.) for all financial and accounting
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pdf ico   Concur Invoice: 2012 Release Notes

Concur Invoice Release Notes Page 2 Concur Standard November 2012 Concur Clients these tasks on behalf of the user for a fraction of the cost of in-house processing. Funding Accounts and Payment Methods Concur Invoice Pay supports a single funding account based on a currency (that is, one account per currency).
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pdf ico   SAP Concur Expense: Training Guide - Texas State University

Request/Trip Name– Enter event’s name or something relevant to the trip purpose. Up to 32 characters are allowed. o Example: NCAA Conference Mar.2021 • Request/Trip Start Date and Request/Trip End Date – Entry for the time period of the trip. Enter in MM/DD/YYYY format or use the menu calendar drop-down to select date information. NOTE:
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pdf ico   Job Aid Concur Creating Expense Reports - Columbia Finance

1. Click the Type of Report dropdown and select CU Business Expenses. 2. The School, Division, Sub-Division and Admin Department default from your Concur Profile. You can edit them for this Report, if necessary. Note: The completed fields displayed in the graphic above are for example purposes only. 3. Type a Report Name. 4. Select a Report ...
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pdf ico   How to Succssfully Implement Concur in your Department

CONCUR IMPLEMENTATION PLAN . Implementation: • Business office staff provided support for creating reports and re-educating employees on travel rules • With approval from the employee, business office staff were given delegate responsibility to provide better support over the phone • Business office staff called UB Concur support if they
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pdf ico   Employee Reimbursement System Concur Using the Concur …

• Enter the Business Purpose o Include the dates of the trip and why the trip is business-related o If you run out of space, use the Comment field 7. Select the account code string for the report. o Based on your Concur profile settings, some or all of the account code fields may be pre-populated, but you can edit them as needed.
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pdf ico   Concur Expense Report Key Fields and Use of the …

Aug 25, 2015 · See the Business Purpose for Concur Expense document for guidance on creating an appropriate business purpose. Notes: The Trip Purpose from a reservation booked in Concur Travel defaults to the Business Purpose Details field. The (Header) Business Purpose Category and Business Purpose Details defaults to the (Line) Business Purpose Category and ...
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pdf ico   The Business Value of SAP Concur Solutions for Optimizing …

The Business Value of SAP Concur Solutions for Optimizing Travel and Expense Operations Business Value White Paper, sponsored by SAP Concur Solutions Fe February 2022 Doc. US48377021 To be sure, some business travel will likely be replaced, in part or in whole, by virtual meeting technology. However, at its core, business is about relationships.
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Jan 08, 2020 · the Business Purpose for the entry in this format: Expense Type: Business Purpose. For credit card transactions, the Business Purpose is replaced by the employee name. Distribution Split Record Type IIF file field QuickBooks field Example Value Description SPL N/A N/A This indicates the row is a distribution split record type.
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pdf ico   Creating an Expense Report in Concur - Commencement 2021

CREATING AN EXPENSE REPORT IN CONCUR 01/23/2019 Page 1 of 31 ... If there is a remaining amount to be itemized (other charges, for example, internet or room service), the “New Itemization” tab will appear. ... Because you added your approved request to your Expense Report, the “Transaction Date” and “Report/Trip Purpose” fields will ...
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pdf ico   Processing Reimbursements with Concur - Harvard University

Concur assigns object codes based on the expense type and location • Charges default to the account coding used in the report header but can easily be allocated to another account or split between multiple codes – Concur remembers your recently used code combinations and allows you to save favorite account allocations
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Concur finds a match, the index will appear at the bottom of the search box. ... The Business Purpose field. Please provide a Business Purpose for the transaction. Due to limitations with Concur, you only have 64 characters for this field. Please provide as detailed a ... For example, if you purchased basketballs for a club sports team, you ...
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