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pdf ico   Vaccine Administration: Needle Gauge and Length

When selecting needles to administer injectable vaccines. Route Age; Needle gauge and length Injection site Subcutaneous injection; All ages 23–25-gauge : ... 22–25-gauge 1–1.25 inches (25–32 mm) Vastus lateralis muscle of anterolateral …
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pdf ico   Needle Gauge - Fitter for Diabetes

TW vs normal Wall pen needles . Rate pain perception on: the penetration of pen needle into skin 2% 3% 19% 57% 19% 1% extremely painful very painful painful hardly painful not at all ... increase in frequency as the gauge thins. • 32G needles are associated with less bleeding, but there are no apparent differences in injection pain ...
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pdf ico   Injection Routes, Maximum Needle Sizes & Volumes

Needle: <25 Gauge Back Scruff Volume: <3-4ml Needle: <20 Gauge; Guinea Pig; Skin Volume: <0.05ml Needle: <25 Gauge Rear Leg/Thigh Volume: <0.3ml Needle: <21 Gauge Abdomen - Lower Quadrant Volume: <10-15ml Needle: <21 Gauge Saphenous Vein Volume: <0.5ml Needle: <23 Gauge Back Scruff ...
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pdf ico   Choosing Needles for IVIG and SCIG - IG Living

A 24-gauge needle is now being produced. Because IG is a very viscous fluid, it is believed that the larger bore should decrease resistance and, it is hoped, decrease the time and alarm problems currently experienced with some current SCIG pumps. For intravenous IG (IVIG), most nurses use a 20-, 22-or 24-gauge needle. IV needles are universally ...
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pdf ico   New Safety Needle Hub Color Chart - BD

NEW Safety Needle Hub/Packaging Colors OLD Needle Hub/Packaging Colors BD and BD Logo are trademarks of Becton, Dickinson and Company. ©2001 BD. 11/01-0451
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pdf ico   Needle Gauge Resource List - Minnesota Department …

The gauge (abbreviated as “G”) of a needle refers to the size of the hole in the needle. The higher the gauge, the smaller the hole. Needles come in various gauges and lengths. The length of a needle is listed after the gauge number. For example, 25G ½ refers to a 25 gauge, ½ inch-long needle. Longer needles
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pdf ico   Labs 1.18 IV Colors and Gauges

Keep in mind the a smaller gauge # means a larger IV catheter. Most adult patients will need an 18G or 20G. Always consider what ˚uids the patient will be receiving before determining size. 14G 16G 18G 20G 22G 24G 45 45 32 32 25 19 240 180 90 60 36 20 Trauma Rapid Blood Surgery Rapid Blood Surgery Routine Blood Small Veins Peds Routine
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pdf ico   Butterfly IV insertion - De Anza College

Over-the-needle catheter IV insertion: 1. Set-up all equipment: hearts pumping (clamps open), flush syringe full, tape cut (on both sides of table), tourniquet out, gauze and alcohol ready, over-the-needle catheter 2. Glove 3. Put on tourniquet (4-6 “ above insertion site) 4. Palpate vein 5. Alcohol towards the heart 6. Loosen the cap on the end.
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pdf ico   SOP: Equine Venipuncture and IV Injection - Virginia …

B. Needles (18-23 gauge 1-1.5 inch) c. Syringe d. Small square of gauze (alcohol socked) e. Blood collection tube f. Vacutainer system IV. Detailed Procedure a. Restraint 1. A halter and lead rope should be placed on the horse. This will help to appropriate hold the animal for the procedure allowing complete control of the animal and the head.
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pdf ico   BD Nexiva™ Diffusics™ Closed IV Catheter System

How will downsizing to a smaller gauge catheter affect system pressure? At a given flow rate, using a smaller gauge IV catheter will increase the p ressure at the power injector. For example, if the pressure graph shows 215 psi with an 18- gauge catheter, the system pressure may go up to 230 psi when using a 20-gauge catheter.
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pdf ico   Peripheral IV Catheter Chart - Pedagogy Education

Gauge Size External Diameter (mm)* Length (mm)* Water Flow Rate (mL/min)* Recommended Uses Orange 14G 2.1 mm 45mm ~240 mL/min Trauma, Rapid blood transfusion, Surgery1 Gray 16G 1.8 mm 45mm ~180 mL/min Rapid fluid replacement, Trauma, Rapid blood transfusion1 Green 18G 1.3 mm 32mm ~90 mL/min Rapid fluid replacement, Trauma, Rapid blood
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pdf ico   SOP: Mouse Intravenous Injections - Virginia Tech

2. Primary intravenous (IV) injection site for the mouse is the right and left lateral tail vein. Other sites (e.g., retro-orbital [RO] sinus) require sedation and/or analgesia. 3. Please refer to the Guidelines for Injections in Rodents and Rabbits, Virginia Tech Office of the University Veterinarian for recommended volumes and needles sizes. a.
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pdf ico   The Complete Family of BD IV Catheters and Devices

IV Catheter • The name that you trust in IV catheters: – Designed with FEP polymer – Available in longer lengths for special placement (3.00, 3.25 and 5.25 inches) BD Saf-T-Intima™ Closed IV Catheter System • Shielding design incorporates a telescoping needle …
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pdf ico   Jelco I.V. Catheter - Smiths Medical

Jelco IV Catheter Radiopaque FEP polymer, straight hub Clear, non-radiopaque FEP polymer, straight hub Catheter Gauge and Length Product Code Product Code 14G x 50mm 4038 4018 16G x 50mm 4032 4012 18G x 45mm 4034 4014 18G x 32mm 4035 - 20G x 45mm 4039 - 20G x 32mm 4036 4016 22G x 25mm 4030 4010 24G x 19mm 4033 4013
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pdf ico   INTRAVENOUS INJECTION (IV) - National Institutes of Health

Insert a small bore (22 – 30 gauge) needle with a syringe or insert a similar gauge butterfly needle (needle with tubing). 5. Gently pull back the syringe plunger to aspirate the syringe. A flash of blood in the syringe or tubing indicates proper placement. 6. …
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pdf ico   How to administer intramuscular and subcutaneous vaccines …

23–25 gauge, 5/8" needle . Needle insertion •Pinch up on the tissue to prevent injection into the muscle. Insert the needle at a 45° angle to the skin. •Separate two injections given in the same area of fatty tissue by a minimum of 1". Subcutaneous (Subcut) Injections. acromion process. Subcut injection site (shaded area) elbow 45 ...
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pdf ico   Importance of Larger IV Catheter Sizes in Advanced CT …

IV Considerations for Use with a Power Injector: 1. Consider placing a large access line (e.g. 18G needle) in the 6antecubital vein. Note: Follow catheter manufacturer recommendations for maximum flow rates and pressure ratings. 2. Documenting contrast administration and patient complications is necessary to ensure patient safety.
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Sharp metal needles for nocturnal dialysis are not preferred due to the potential for needle infiltration during treatment. If sharp metal needles are used however, it is critical that ... Bahk JH, Lim YJ. The “gauge system” for the medical use. Anesth Analg. 2002;95:1125. 36. Gauly A, Parisotto MT, Skinder A, et al. Vascular access ...
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