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pdf ico   Policies and Procedures for Outpatient Surgery

Chapter One 4 The Top 25 Policies and Procedures for Outpatient Surgery - use of drugs and controlling their common side effects - when to contact their physician for further assistance and will provide the physician’s telephone
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pdf ico   Policy on Policies and Procedures FINAL APPROVED

On occasion it may be necessary for a policy to be reviewed earlier than the agreed review date, e.g. in the light of changing legislation or national guidelines. The status of all policy documents is tracked through the Policy Database. External assurance of policy documents will be sought through GAVs as appropriate. 7.0 Training and Awareness
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pdf ico   Joint Commission Medical Imaging Requirements

Adapted from: Neomi Mullens, “7 Requirements for an Enterprise Dose Program” AHRA (2013) 7.) Investigation of Dose Sparing Strategies and Early Adoption of Clinical Research 6.) Communication with families (pre and post procedure). 5.) Education and Training of Operators/Providers 4.) A highly specific Radiation Dose/Risk Management Policy 3.)
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pdf ico   Policy Statement Autopsy - ASCP

Jan 05, 2005 · Policy Statement Autopsy (Policy Number 91-01) Policy Statement ASCP believes that the performance of autopsy is a professional service of the pathologist to the patient. Background and Rationale This statement is in accordance with the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)1 and the
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pdf ico   Authorized Privilege for Access to System - Adventist …

Policy and Procedure Manual PURPOSE: The following information describes how access privileges to Medstation system are managed. It is the policy of HRMC to strictly manage access privileges to the Pyxis ... JCAHO MM standard reference: MM SOPs: Hackettstown Regional Medical Center, Department of Pharmacy. Policy and Procedure Manual
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pdf ico   Crash-cart preparedness - Joint Commission

Once during hours of operation) (per policy or written plan) o Identify who checks emergency equipment (per policy or written plan) 1 • Location of crash carts o Maintain the cart in a location that is easily accessible to the clinical areas. 1. o Make sure staff know where and how the cart and/or emergency equipment is stored
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pdf ico   Regulatory Requirements Checklist (Joint Commission & DPH)

Regulatory Requirements Checklist (Joint Commission & DPH) March 2008 The following documents MUST be in the Employee File: ___ Current Performance Evaluation (PE) (within the last 12 months) + a total of three years worth of evaluations is required in the employee file PEs must cover only a 12 month period and the signatures by the
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pdf ico   Standard for Water Management Program - Joint Commission

And acceptable ranges, there was a need for more specific requirements related to a water management program. The new standard requires that an individual or team be responsible for t he oversight a nd implementation of the water management program, including but not limited to, development, m anagement, and maintenance activities.
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pdf ico   A Practical Guide to the Joint Commission Standards

HCPro, Inc., is not affiliated in any way with The Joint Commission, which owns the JCAHO and Joint Commission trademarks. Brenda G. Summers, MBA/MHA, MSN, RN, CNAA-BC, Author Paul Singer, Layout Artist WendySue Woods, RN, CSHA, MHSA, Author Matthew Kuhrt, Copyeditor Jay Kumar, Editor Sada Preisch, Proofreader
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pdf ico   2021 Joint Commission Standards - CSHE

Organization’s written policy should detail the frequency of inspecting the contents of medical carts, checking for expired supplies and medications, restocking supplies and medications as needed, and testing and maintaining the equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions for use or an alternative equipment maintenance program.
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pdf ico   Joint Commission Standards and Resources

Perform the procedure.” –Emergency Department Physician Hospitals, Language, and Culture Study. The Joint Commission, 2010. 27. on The degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, communicate, process, and understand basic health information and …
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pdf ico   Surgical Safety: Addressing the JCAHO Goals for …

Addressing JCAHO Surgical Safety Goals 487 mole removed. For example, verification of the right patient, the right location, and the right procedure should be common practice in any area of the hospital. Thus, an expanded Instruction or policy was drafted to accommodate facilitywide needs. The existing Consent by Patients for Medical Care ...
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pdf ico   Joint Commission Standards on Restraint and Seclusion/ …

policy and law and regulation. 2. The hospital does not use standing orders or PRN (also known as “as needed”) orders for restraint or seclusion. 3. The attending physician is consulted as soon as possible, in accordance with hospital policy, if he or she did not order the restraint or seclusion. 4. Unless state law is more restrictive,
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pdf ico   New POLICY Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation

II. POLICY Continual monitoring of a practitioner’s clinical competence involves collection, verification, and assessment of information regarding each practitioner’s granted privileges by the organized medical staff. Such monitoring will assist each practitioner with providing patient care that is compassionate, appropriate, effective, and ...
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pdf ico   POLICIES AND PROCEDURES 101 - HCCA Official Site

Apr 22, 2007 · • ineffective current approaches give board little visibility of policy compliance The Solution: Active Policy Distribution • ensures staff read, understand and sign-up to key policies • in-depth policy life-cycle management, reporting and audit trails The Benefits • fundamentally reduces the risks of non-compliance
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JCAHO Self-Learning Module Nursing Orientation Susan Maiocco Pain Management Direct Patient Care Givers Upon Employment JCAHO Web Based for Rn's Pat Murphy/Gary Sabino-Benowitz Information Management Staff designated by the Organization Upon Employment JCAHO Confidentiality; intro to systems, etc Interdisciplinary Planning Direct Patient Care ...
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– Never in procedure room – Pre-cleaning of scope must be at bedside . ... requirements . SCOPE STORAGE • Flexible scopes stored in closed cabinet ... policy and its criteria associated with evaluation and compensation for increased safety.
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Example, the CDC guidelines categorize medical devices reprocessing requirements based on risk using the Spaulding Classification, which has different disinfection and sterilization requirements (Table 1). The intended use of the transducer and its contact risk in the procedure determines its expected classification into one of three groups:
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