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What do you need to know about mobile device management?

What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)? Cost savings on new equipment (PC’s, laptops, etc.) Greater job satisfaction leading to reduced employee turnover Increased employee productivity: A recent study from Cisco suggests employees who use mobile devices for both work and personal use, put in more hours than those who do not.

What are the benefits of mobile device management?

Table of Content Introduction Growth with MDM Market Growth Stats Advantages of Mobile Device Management List of leading MDM’s Conclusion

Why mobile device management is important?

Over-the-air (OTA) Distribution, Remote Wipe, Live Device Location Tracking, Diagnostics and Device Troubleshooting, Application and Content Management, Deep-dive Analytics, Remote Commands, Reports & Workflows, & Many more.

What is the best tool for mobile device management?

Cisco Meraki. Perhaps one of the most well-known MDM platforms, Cisco Meraki allows you to manage every type of device in your business from one dashboard. IBM MaaS360. IBM entered the MDM market following its acquisition of Fiberlink Communications back in 2013. ... Hexnode MDM. ... Soti MobiControl. ... Citrix Endpoint Management. ... VMware Workspace ONE. ... Next Steps. ...

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"mobile device management definition"

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Mobile device management (MDM) is Apple’s framework for managing iOS. To effectively manage iOS devices and unleash their full potential, organizations require an …

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May 03, 2019 · 3.0 Smart Device Definition For the purposes of this policy, a smart device is a small form factor, typically handheld device ... it is a standard vendor banner displayed on iOS devices and is for security management only. 5.0 Personally Owned Mobile Devices The university recognizes and allows employees, although not required to use a smart ...

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Project Title Mobile Device Management. Team Pam Horne, Jolene King, Jim Lehman, Marcus Lill, Terry Schroeder, David Shaw Purpose To determine if we can establish a more holistic approach to managing and supporting mobile devices that access Purdue data and information. Hypothesis We anticipate there would be several advantages from providing a model of supporting

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management, consistently distribute apps and content, and set up security and access profiles. There are several methods to enroll an Apple mobile device, including enrollment via Apple Configurator, a URL or Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP). Mobile Device Management Overview Supervision Supervision is a special mode of iOS that ...

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Mobile device management (MDM) is Apple’s framework for managing iOS. To e \ectively manage iOS devices and unleash their full potential, organizations require an …

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(NIST) acknowledges the difficulty in defining a “mobile device” because their features are constantly changing. However, in its Special Publication 800-124, Revision 1, Guidelines for Managing the Security of Mobile Devices in the Enterprise, NIST does provide a working definition of a mobile device as one that has: A small form factor;

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mobile devices as end-point devices within their corporate network. If risks are identified, the appropriate mobile device policies can be applied. In an extreme case, if the risk is deemed too high, additional controls should be implemented to bring the risk to an acceptable level, allowing seamless access to IT resources from mobile devices.

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device (BYOD) and enterprise mobility initiatives with easy out-of-the-box setup, self-service device onboarding and management, internal device certificate management, and integrated mobile device management/enterprise mobility management (MDM/ EMM) partner software. • Prevent unenrolled and noncompliant devices from accessing the network

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The Mobile Device Management Protocol (MDM) is used for managing devices which have previously enrolled into a management system through the Mobile Device Enrollment Protocol (MDE) [MS-MDE]. MDM is a subset of the Open Mobile Association (OMA) Device Management Protocol version 1.2.1 (OMA-TS-DM_Protocol-V1_2_1-20080617-A) [OMA-DMP1.2.1].

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Term Definition Administrator An individual that has the ability to manage some aspect of mobile device configuration using the Admin Console. AirWatch Administrator The class of TOE Administrators that allows comprehensive access to the AirWatch environment, excluding the Administration tab under System Configuration. Application Management

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Device databases – Flash, OR/direct Synchronization – Algorithms Push/notifications – Scale to MM Handheld design – CPU, RTOS, battery Core Mobile Apps – Email/IM, PDA,browse IP Protocols – IMS Broadcast – Algorithms Device Management – Software & Config

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management (UEM), a feature of Verizon Mobile Device Management (MDM) that allows you to easily streamline device and app deployments, set controls and maintain security. This multilayer security approach includes access to ... Create the app definition and assign it to a group. As a device in that group checks in, the app will be .

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A standalone mobile device management solution available on-premises, on Cloud and as an MSP version for managed service providers. Integrations ManageEngine Analytics Plus ANALYTICS PLUS SPICE-WORKS servicenow. SERVICE-NOW SERVICE-DESK PLUS ManageEngine JIRA SERVICE DESK CRM zendesk support ZENDESK ZOHO CREATOR Mobile Device Manager Plus …

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The FDIC uses a cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) solution to secure and manage its smartphones and tablets. The MDM solution performs a number of important functions, such as connecting mobile devices to the FDIC’s network, monitoring the security and configuration settings on the devices, and erasing sensitive FDIC data on the devices

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Mobile Architectures 22 • Rich Mobile Architecture – Business and some data services on the phone itself – Good for apps that have to run “off the grid” • Thin Mobile Architecture – Most business and all data services on the server – Good for apps that require phone services, but does require Internet connectivity

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Mobile device management (MDM) is the transparent "glue" that ties the operator, device, and subscriber together in a kind of wireless ecosystem.


This section gives the foundation for your organization's mobile device management policy, explaining why your organization created it and detailing practices and requirements for the safe use of mobile devices in an eff ort to protect the company’s infrastructure.