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What is the specific gravity of water?

Specific gravity (SG) is one of the base hydrometry units used for relative density. In most cases this is relative to the density of water, water therefore having a specific gravity of one (1).

How do you calculate specific gravity from absorption and specific gravity?

For example, a sample of sand having an absorption of 5% and a specific gravity of 2.63 has a bulk specific gravity saturated surface dry that is computed as follows: Gs(ssd) = (1 + 0.05) x 2.63 = 2.76.

What is the specific gravity of a dry coarse aggregate?

For example, the specific gravity of a dry coarse aggregate (Gs) is 2.65. The unit weight of water is 62.4-lb/cu ft. The absolute volume of a 90-lb sample of the aggregate is:

What is the specific gravity of cement?

The specific gravity of the cement is calculated to be 3.15. A commonly used water to cement ratio is 0.46, which means 46 grams of water to 100 grams of dry cement. 41 The results of the thickening time tests on the Consistometer.

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"specific gravity of water 62 4"

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60% 57.4% 1.0678 65% 62.5% 1.0735 70% 67.7% 1.0791 75% 72.9% 1.0848 80% 78.2% 1.0904 ... The Conversion Charts below are to be used with the PPE Precision Specific Gravity Hydrometer and ... beaker, check the reading on the hydrometer and match it to the appropriate chart to accurately determine the Glycol to water weight percentage. Rev. 1/6 ...

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91 AREA EXCAVATING HANNA, IN 52100-01 027FM02 BELOW WATER 2.586 2.62 1.1 91 BEEMSTERBOER SLAG GARY, IN 52103-27 039CM13 STEEL SLAG, CONTACT DISTRICT FOR Gsb AVERAGE ... Page 4 of 36 Material Absorp. Specific Gravity (Gsb) List March 15,2022 Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction, Articles 1020 and 1030 (Adopted April 1, 2016)

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Read OpenStax: Chapter 11.1-11.4, 11.7, Lecture Notes #9 Specific Gravity Apparatus Specific gravity is a measure of the density of a material compared to water. The apparatus to do this consists of a metal overflow cup with a side spigot and a beaker. If the overflow cup is filled to its limit, then an object lowered into the water will cause

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Specific Gravity of Common Liquids and Fluids Fluid Temperature Specific Gravity Acetic acid 25ºC 1.052 Acetone 25ºC 0.787 Acetylene, liquid –121ºF 0.62 Acetylene, liquid 70ºF 0.38 Adipic acid — 0.72 Alcohol, ethyl (ethanol) 25ºC 0.787 Alcohol, methyl (methanol) 25ºC 0.791 Alcohol, propyl 25ºC 0.802 Ammonia (aqua) 25ºC 0.826 Aniline ...

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Gas Specific Gravity relative to Air at 70˚F Liquid Specific Gravity relative to Water @ 60˚F Acetylene C 2H 2 0.911 Acetone 0.792 Air - 1.000 Alcohol, Ethyl (100%) 0.789 ... Carbureted Water Gas - 0.650 Hydrochloric Acid 1.256 Chlorine CI 2 2.486 Kerosene 0.815 Coke Oven Gas - 0.420 M. C. Residuum 0.935 Ethane C 2H 6 1.049 Mercury 13.570

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Alcohol has a lower density then water (Ethanol - p = 0.789 kg/m3 @ 20oC, water - p = 1.000kg/m3 @ 4oC) and hence will reduce the density of water and will have a SG (specific gravity) reading below 1. On the other hand sugar has a higher density than water and like most dissolved solids will raise the water's density.

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moisture content, specific gravity, water content, total weight, and percentage of air space. The data are of in­ ... During the process of seasoning there is a moisture gradient wood in pounds per cubic foot divided by 62.4. The value of S from the surface to the interior part of the timber. The interior will of course be the same whichever ...

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Specific Gravity to Salinity Conversion Table for 60ºF/60ºF Hydrometers Values taken from tables provided by the LaMotte Company, Chestertown, MD, USA Temperature (ºC) Observed Reading 10.0 11.0 12.0 13.0 14.0 15.0 16.0 17.0 18.0 18.5 19.0

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The term Wd Vg is related to basic specific gravity Gb by (3) where pw is the density of water (62.4 lb/ft 3 or 1,000 kg/m3) basedon volume when above 30 percent moisture content. Substituting Equation (3) into Equation (2) results in the following equation for calculating density: (4) A possible misapplication of Equation (4) is to use it

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specific gravity of material x unit weight of water For example, the specific gravity of a dry coarse aggregate (Gs) is 2.65. The unit weight of water is 62.4-lb/cu ft. The absolute volume of a 90-lb sample of the aggregate is: Absolute Volume = 90 lb / (2.65 x 62.4 lb/cu ft) = 0.544 cu ft.

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The density of fresh water is 62.4 pounds per cubic foot and the average density of seawater is 64.0 pounds per cubic foot. The density of brackish water will be ... SG = specific gravity of backfill material For computations, assume sandy soil, w = 110 and SG = 2.65, this will provide sufficient accuracy. Certain conditions may require soil ...

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Sg= specific gravity Wa = weight of substance lbs/ft³ Wb= weight of water 62.4 lbs/ft³ For example, if the density of a propylene glycol and water solution is 64.96 lbs/ft³ at 60°F we can determine the specific gravity as follows: 64.96 ÷ 62.4 = 1.041 Sg at 60°F Understanding the concept of specific gravity becomes particularly useful ...

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Density of water = 1 ft³ of water at 32°F equals 62.4 lb. Then, ρ water = 62.4 lb/ft³ = 1000 Kg/m³ b) Specific Gravity is the substance density compared to water. The density of water at standard temperature is: ρ water = 1000 Kg/m³ = 1 g/cm 3 = 1 g/liter So, the Specific Gravity (Sg) of water is 1.0. Example 5: If the Density of iron is ...


Properties The specific gravity of the fluid is given to be SG = 1.25. The density of water at 32 F is 62.4 lbm/ft3. Analysis The density of the fluid is obtained by multiplying its specific gravity by the density of water, 2 SG (1.25)(62.4 lbm/ft ) 78 0 lbm/ft33 HO.

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Specific Gravity Water: Specific Gravity = 1.00 Stone: Specific Gravity = 2.70 Same Volume, but 2.70 Times More Mass Cement – 3.15 Steel – 7.85. ... water weights 62.4 pounds / cubic foot Pounds of Material S.G. X 62.4 = Absolute Volume Basic Concrete Mix 10 Design Materials Pounds of material S.G. Abs

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The specific weight of water at ordinary pressure and temperature is 62.4 lb/ft3 . The specific gravity of mercury is 13.56. Compute the density of water and the specific weight and density of mercury. Solution: 8. The specific weight of water at ordinary pressure and temperature is 9.81 kN/m3 . The specific gravity of mercury is 13.56.


respective volumes of alcohol and water and the specific gravity in both air and vacuum of spirituous liquor ... water vdum 53.24 62. 74 52.25 51. 75 51.25 50.75 50.26 49.76 49.26 48.76 48.25 47.75 47.25 46. 75 46.24 45. 74 45.23 44. 72 44. 22 43.71 43.20 42.69 42. 18


1 cubic ft. of water = 62.4 pounds . w. 1 liter of water = 1 kilogram = 1000 grams . x. 1 milliliter of water = 1 gram . y. Density of water = 1gm/ml or 1gm/cc . z. Specific gravity of water = 1.00 . aa. Weight of Solution = Weight of Solute + Weight of Solvent . PIE WHEELS • To find the quantity . above. the horizontal line: multiply the pie ...