Question About 'Treatment of amiodarone extravasation'

How to treat amiodarone infiltration?

• If any issues, notify IV therapy and document infiltration and phlebitis scale. • Let IV Therapy know this line is for “Amiodarone” i. Use the smallest catheter possible in the largest vein. ii. Never use an area of joint flexion iii. Use a catheter stabilization device, such as a statlock. 3.

Does heparin cause extravasation?

This syndrome is largely managed through preventive and conservative treatment measures. Promethazine is acidic and can cause a devastating extravasation, particularly if administered inadvertently through the arteriolar route. Systemic heparin therapy remains the accepted treatment option for intraarteriolar administration of promethazine.

Does amiodarone is compatible with metronidazole?

The most common medications related to these DDIs were ondansetron, amiodarone, metronidazole, and haloperidol. Conclusion: DDIs may be a significant cause of QT prolongation in cardiac ICUs. These data can be used to educate clinicians on safe medication use.

Does amiodarone cause chest pain?

The patient may also develop a form of hepatitis or even cirrhosis of the liver. Patients have reported chest pain and irregular, fast or slow heartbeats as amiodarone side effects. Other symptoms related to the heart are unexplained weight loss or weight gain, dizziness, or lightheadedness.

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"treatment of amiodarone extravasation"

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Vesicant extravasation part II: evidence-based management and continuing controversies. Oncol Nurs Forum 2006;33:1143-50. 16. Khan MS, Holmes JD. Reducing the morbidity from extravasation injuries. Ann Plast Surg 2002;48:628-32. 17. Rosenthal K. Reducing the risks of infiltration and extravasation. Nursing 2007 Fall;37 Suppl Med:4-8. 18.

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Aug 09, 2019 · Extravasation treatment: Refer to the Hazardous Medication Procedure HM-Pro-003 & HM -Pro-006. Reviewed: August 9, 2019. NOTE: No intravenous infusate is “safe”. Gross extravasation, even of normal saline, may result in serious harm including compartment syndrome, causing ischemia and loss of tissue or permanent loss of limb function.

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necrosis, resulting in scarring and/or reduced function of the involved extremity. Severe extravasation injuries can prolong hospitalization and increase costs. Prevention of these iatrogenic injuries is essential, however if an extravasation occurs early recognition and proper treatment are important in minimizing morbidity. Preventative Measures:

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Mgt of Extravasation of a Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy including Cytotoxic Agents v1.docx Document Purpose The purpose of this guideline is to provide clear guidance on the causes, prevention, recognition and management of an extravasation of a Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy used in the treatment of malignant disease in the patient

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1. Discontinued IV site – location, type, size of needle, and extravasation treatment 2. New IV site – location, type, size of needle vii. Vital signs viii. Follow-up assessment and care ix. Physician notification x. Medication used on electronic MAR 3. Notify Pharmacy of extravasation so that a pharmacist can complete an adverse drug

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Assure no other medication is injected or infusing with Amiodarone • Assure you always have two lines. One for the Amiodarone and one for other medications the patient may need. 2. Assess the IV site prior to infusion • Assess for pain, redness, and assure an …

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injury. Prompt interdisciplinary action is often necessary for the treatment of extravasation injuries. Knowledge of the mechanism of extravasation-induced tissue injury, agents for reversal, and appropriate nonpharmacologic treatment methods is essential. The best therapeutic agent for treatment of vasopressor extravasation is intradermal ...

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Sep 18, 2016 · E. Caution with intermitte nt vesicant administration as extravasation more difficult to detect F. In emergent situations, although not ideal, can be used instead of central line access . Drug Vesicant vs Irritant PIV Midline Central line Comments . Adrenergic agents Dobutamine Vesicant No (F) No (A, E) Yes Time-dependent PIV (F)

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and swift treatment. A chemotherapeutic extravasation is considered an oncologic emergency. When assessing a chemotherapy extravasation, it is important to understand the classification of the chemotherapeutic agent in terms of its potential to cause cellular damage if extravasated. Chemotherapeutics can be classified into three categories:

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Amiodarone-related phlebitis, in particular, can be categorized under chemical phlebitis. The chemical features of amiodarone, such as its acidity, have been thought to be a major culprit in phlebitis formation with amiodarone infusion (Spiering, 2014). It has been noted that there is a direct connection between pH and osmolarity of an

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4. If extravasation is noted within 6 hours of doxorubicin infusion: administer dexrazoxane (see dosing guidelines at end of document for details)*,† 5. If extravasation is noted more than 6 hours after doxorubicin infusion: administer topical DMSO (see dosing guidelines at end of document for details)*,† 6.

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Management of Extravasation: There is no specific treatment for amiodarone-induced extravasation. If extravasation is suspected, stop amiodarone immediately. Aspirate as much of the drug from the tissue as possible and remove canula. Mark the affected area with a pen (to monitor progress of treatment) Elevate the affected limb

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Amiodarone X Amphotericin B X Arginine HCL X X Arsenic Trioxide X X Bleomycin X Infiltration Grading Scale Busulfan X X Grade Clinical Criteria Calcium Chloride* X X 0 € No symptoms Calcium Gluconate* X X 1 € Skin blanched CARBOplatin X € With or without pain Carmustine X € Cool to touch CISplatin* X X € Edema <1" in any direction ...

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Metoprolol Cold Hydrocortisone 50-200 mg Give via 5-10 SQ or TD injections into area of extravasation Medication Thermal Therapy Antidote Dose Treatment Nitroglycerin Cold Hydrocortisone 50-200 mg Give via 5-10 SQ or TD injections into area of extravasation Norepinephrine Heat Nitroglycerin 2% paste n/a Apply thin layer to area of extravasation q 6 hr …



Extravasation is a severe complication in the administration of cytotoxic chemotherapy. It causes pain, erythema, inflammation, discomfort and if left undiagnosed or inappropriately treated can lead to necrosis, secondary infection and functional loss of the tissue and/or limb concerned. This may also hinder future treatments in some cases.


Guidelne No: 1/C/16:9057-01:00 Guideline: IV Extravasation Management Date of Publishing: 26 September 2016 2:19 PM Date of Printing: Page 4 of 34